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    Skytrak 6000M owners, I need a little help!

    Just a follow up on this. I went ahead and ordered the new board. Bad news is that the new part is now black epoxy coating so i couldn't ID the resistor i needed to repair my original board. Good news is that the new board fixed my problem.
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    Stewart & Stevenson M1078A1 not running Chambersburg , 17202 to 21104 Marriotsville

    Did you find someone to move this yet? If not, PM me.
  3. Bjmca

    Looking for a TM for a Skytrak 6000M

    Its a burned resistor on the board out behind the forks. The rubber seal was bad and the box was full of stink bugs, I'm guessing it caused a short.
  4. Bjmca

    Looking for a TM for a Skytrak 6000M

    I have found the bad part and started another thread.
  5. Bjmca

    Skytrak 6000M owners, I need a little help!

    If anyone here has access to a Skytrak 6000M telehandler I’m wondering if I can get a picture of a part. On the backside of the forks is a electrical control box for the functions. If the cover is removed with the 4 screws there is a control board attached to the lid. I’m looking for a clear...
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    Looking for a TM for a Skytrak 6000M

    Thanks for this info.
  7. Bjmca

    Looking for a TM for a Skytrak 6000M

    Any chance anyone has a technical manual or any repair manuals for the 6000m telehandler? I have access to TM 10-3930-660-24P which is posted on Skytrak site but im looking for one that can help me diagnose a control issue for the fork functions. Thanks
  8. Bjmca

    Educate me on the dump...the M929 / M930

    Here’s a couple shots of the M929 dump hoist system. They use a dual cylinder design with a roller ramp system to assist with the initial lifting, which is the hardest part. I had a fellow tell me the rear tailgate in ”rock” position is designed to be able to knock down the dumped pile while...
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    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    Just figured I'd chime in with a "recent" purchase which required an EUC clearance. My last truck was bought in July of 2019. After multiple phone calls, months, more excuses (government has an additional 4 week backlog to advertised times), more phone calls, I received my EUC in the second week...
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    M923 Dump Conversion with 8" dual stacks

    Maybe later when it stops snowing I could go out and snap a few of the hinges. They came with the kit I purchased. I know alot of guys would like to hear it run, but i dont really know a good way to record it and post it. I'm not that computer savy!
  11. Bjmca

    M923 Dump Conversion with 8" dual stacks

    Hi guys I have not been around the forums in a while, sorry I haven't responded. Yes I still own the truck and use it on a regular basis, just the other day I ran it all day on my property moving dirt and stumps. After hauling stone, dirt, stumps and mulch with it the only regrets I have is not...
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    1500 max rpm? nhc 250

    Not sure why such sarcasm has to be used when someone is asking for help. aua And to clairfy the governor springs has nothing to do with fuel pressure, this is controlled by the button. The governor spring and shims limit the high speed side of the pump. I would turn the screw all the ways...
  13. Bjmca

    1500 max rpm? nhc 250

    After reading through this post and noting some of the insults that have been thrown around I will attempt to help anyway. I cannot help you with the pump cpl numbers and such but if you did take off the governor spring cover and pull the assembly out there are color coded stripes on the main...
  14. Bjmca

    Help with truck Id

    Have to say I think these trucks are awesome and probably really nice to drive with all the creature comforts inside. However that being said the new trucks and new EPA guidelines seem to be making these motors very unreliable now. I go into many truck repair shops for my job and most problems...
  15. Bjmca

    1400-20 Nato tread installed

    Those tires look good on your truck. How do they run on the road? Any shakes or wobbles?
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