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    A little winch help please

    right on with a quality hardware store. Take the old one with you and dont forget the anti sieze when assembling
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    Late model tiger tank pulled from a Bog in Eastern europe

    i sur ewould like to wheel that swamp the depth of it may be decieving as the weight of the tank may have entered in the source of the water causeing the tank to be sucked in so greatly and increasing over time
  3. bustin

    Suggestions Wanted! Your Input Is Welcome!

    if my moderated usage gets lifted i'll explain
  4. bustin

    Suggestions Wanted! Your Input Is Welcome!

    I have been lurking here for a while, While I dont own a MV alot of my friends do and i do enjoy the vehicles and toys the military uses as a whole. my only thoughts and comments though should you wish them to be displayed for comment or pm'ed? I am sure your a busy man as we all can be from...
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    91140 gross and the 818

    well whats the point of having all your own stuff then? Is that fed DOT or Your local state rule? I was just looking into something like that here in NJ and I couldnt get a resolution to my question cause I can have the truck registered as non commercial and the trailer too. If I farm title...
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    Question for off-road experts

    all the ideas above are great ones. and all the notices are something to take heed to. If the shock doesnt pull off a mount then it could pull the cyl thru the housing also. Limiting straps dont have to be confined to straps either. you can use that grade 80 chain as a temporary till you save...
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    5 ton hemmt wheels $

    oh wow now i see the peril i was once blinded too
  8. bustin

    New M109A3

    no guru to mv,s but i have not seen a m109a2
  9. bustin

    look at what my husband got me for my truck...

    thats funnay I wish I could just afford the duece in the first place. guns are the easy part
  10. bustin

    Won my first GL auction M1008 (FT Lewis)

    nice truck doesnt look too beat on
  11. bustin

    5 trucks, EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!!!

    Re: RE: 5 trucks, EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!!!
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