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    Buying a M35A2 or M35A3?

    You are right, I was considering buying a deuce when I started this poll with the question "Which is better an M35A2 or M35A3" A friend of mine bought an older A2 and between his original purchase of about 4K and his current restoration he has about 14K into it by now but it is essentially a new...
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    2011 vin info thread

    1993 M35A3 NSN 2320013832047 Frame 222793L79n Vin 502067 (purchased from) Lothian, MD HQ 132 is painted on the inside of the hood. Any history would be great! Thanks, Don
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    Buying a M35A2 or M35A3?

    Frame Number on a 1993 M35A3 ? I found the frame number behind the drivers side front wheel The number is 22 2793L 79n I don't know how to read the number correctly. I'm guessing the 79n may have been the year of the donor deuce that was used to make the A3. There is no other number on that...
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    Buying a M35A2 or M35A3?

    I finally found the link and it seems to be Cat® ELC™ See:
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    Buying a M35A2 or M35A3?

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    What happens if I dont pay Government Liquidation?

    They canceled my auction once were I won a boat ($7,000) two hours after I was notified that I won. They said someone complained that they couldn't get their bid in because they were having problems with their computer and they were going to run it again the next day. I told them I would not bid...
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    Buying a M35A2 or M35A3?

    OK, what's wrong with a bus. I drove a stock A2 and it needed everything tires seats paint no power steering probably needs new wiring harness brakes master cylinder and on and on. I restored a M37 and a M151 and I know what is involved to get it right. The government already went completely...
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    Buying a M35A2 or M35A3?

    I started this poll and got some great feedback finally pulled the tiger and bought an A3 Thanks for all your help. Don
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    If you still have it I'll buy it from you Don
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    New M35A3 Questions

    Have you looked at the neutral safety switch to the transmission?
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    M936 on recent GL auction

    That wrecker was in NEW CONDITION (Miles-671) and a once in a lifetime opportunity. The condition was listed as HX "H = Material which has been determined to be unserviceable and does not meet repair criteria. X = Property has some value in excess of its basic material content, but repair or...
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    Questions about insuring a 1987 AM General (Harder to get insured)

    I still think they are good trucks you just have to make a few modifications if you want to stay with an automatic transmission, if not an A2 would be the way to go.
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    Questions about insuring a 1987 AM General (Harder to get insured)

    M35a3/ctis The CTIS should be removed and wheel bearings replaced with early style bearings. That system has special wheel bearings that are $800.00 each. The tires are an odd size and replacements are $1,500-$1,800.00 each. Should change to 14.5R20 tires or single 11.00R20 tires.
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    My BIG M925A2 Project Truck Is Home

    Allison Would that be the Allison 1000 6-speed? What model Allison does the M923 come with? What other options for a replacement automatic are out there?
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    Questions about insuring a 1987 AM General (Harder to get insured)

    If I remember right only 6,000 units were made into A3s
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