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    M952 - New to Me

    Well the smile posted by 91W350 kind of says it all. Thanks for being a Great American Karl and thanks for all of your support, you deserve this fine 5ton.
  2. dynodave1

    Shaking Down an Old Deuce and New Deuce Owner

    Welcome to the family pal. The OCD will really help with your new projects... It would be great if you posted a few more photos...
  3. dynodave1

    a Deuce has come into my life

    Very Nice... Thanks for sharing...
  4. dynodave1

    my deuce

  5. dynodave1

    Fuel problem on the m1009

  6. dynodave1

    Fuel problem on the m1009

    I completely agree.
  7. dynodave1

    Is this too good to be true?

    Sounds like a great find. Have you picked it up yet?
  8. dynodave1

    painting the deuce

    Mine is Camo and I think it looks Great. But my next rig will have the Big White Stars on it.
  9. dynodave1

    My first Deuce

    Welcome to the Family. We still need pic's...
  10. dynodave1

    My first Deuce

    Welcome to the Family. We still need pic's...
  11. dynodave1

    M35 block heaters- who was selling them?

    How do we get in contact with Westfolk?
  12. dynodave1

    CUCV Rocker panel no welding install

    Thanks you 82ABNMP, great post. I will be giving this a try very soon.
  13. dynodave1

    New to Me Deuce

    Hey did you find anything out about the Tarcom upgrades?
  14. dynodave1

    Leaking axle... and not the good kind

    What is the cause when you have gear lube in the wheel bearing area?
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