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    Huey flight time

    "Yeh there is no other ride like the Huey. The sound to a combat veteran of Vietnam can be heard for miles, while others have no clue it is coming" The sound can be heard for miles....... Never, ever, do I not recognize the distant faint wop, wop, wop of a Huey..... and never does it not take...
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    Huey flight time

    To this day I feel guilty about that, it should have been me instead of the 19 year old that took my place. Looking back, I realize that it was part of Gods plan for me to transfer out. There has been many times that I should not have survived, or lived through different circumstances but...
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    Huey flight time

    Hurst01, it was a good time we had, despite the War, you can never replace our stories with anything that would even come close Gary Owen buddy, "there it is":beer:
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    Going south from Va. to Nc.

    I'v got two Ramcharger fenders I need picked up in Va. and brought with, down to south central Nc. or someone going on through to Florida or Georgia. I can throw some gas/deisel funds your way for the help. It'll take up a small space as they are just Dodge Ramcharger pu size fenders, there are...
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    a lil vid of my toy hope its ok

    I never get tired of seeing this video.....yow'sa!!!
  6. GoHot229

    M35A2 drive shaft video

    Yea me too..... that was fun.............................................not. lol I guess we'v all wondered whats going on down there at one time or another.
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    Electric fan for the Deuce

    Give this a shot, it's 1 5/8's thick, so we all know that there's barely 2"'s in the Deuce engine compartment. It's tight, but doo'able When the site comes up, hit 'products, then sidewinder.
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    My new M35... help

    Don't you worry tripple 'T', you'll pick it up pretty quick, their fairly simple units to work on and repair. I'd start with checking all the fluids and lines in the engine bay. Then start doing searches for parts suppliers, most of which are mentioned here or there in the forum. Start reading...
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    Daily driver?

    I'd have to ask if you thought that one out any.......... HOA's are pricks period, who'd want to surrender therir freedoms to a bunch of totalitarian dinks........well now that I'v totally p'd you off, (not ententional mind you, sorry) its apples and loquats or grease and Chanell#5. Home owner...
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    2010 Spring Uwharrie Rally

    GoHot here, I'll be coming, I'll bring $ for the defraying costs to whoever is in charge of that sort of thing. Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend, and mabe doing a little gold panning, since thats sort of my new hoby.
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    Securing and locking the doors

    OPCOM had this idea of a deadbolt. With the hasp, with hidden bolts it's a clean looking unit, and can easily enough be mounted with 1/8 or 1/16 " plate inside and bolts through the skins.
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    How bad do the Willies roll?

    They did make them to travel moderatly faster than the cargo trucks, but their deffinatly not a speed racer. I'v had one up on two wheels on an off camber left hander, probably another foot up and it would have rolled. But then we shouldnt have been hill climbing in the Jeep, but it was the...
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    Securing and locking the doors

    Here's just another clean looking way to secure the Deuce (or?) doors. It comes from Tractor Supply for around $10.00
  14. GoHot229

    Cylinder head port and polishing

    It's doubtfull that this would help to make horsepower if thats what your getting at. The specific shape and squish designed into the head of a multifuel is such so as to be able to burn multiple fuels, and it's my understanding that much design and spesefications were designed into the...
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