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    M35 Instrument Panel Marking

    THANKS! Will ship on Monday. Rick
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    M35 Instrument Panel Marking

    Check here:
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    M37 Fuel pump, original or electric?

    Bill, Installed a Facet 480564E 24V electric pump 15 years ago and have never looked back. Mount as close to the tank as possible. These pumps are "pushers" not "suckers". Fittings are 1/4"x18. Take the original off and block the...
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    Heater hose bypass?

    Yes, use brass pipe plugs. I think they are 1/2 inch. Rick
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    MEP-002/003 Fuel Filter Upgrade

    I replaced the original filters with Racor 120A filter housings with R12S 2 micron filters. Housings used the original fittings from the old filters. The original filters and pumps were all loaded with rust when the cap was left off the fuel tank and some genius ran it and plugged everything up...
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    M37 no power, good idle

    Did you replace the filter in the tank. Known to decompose and contaminate the fuel. Fire wall fuel filter? Also known to rust and put fine particles into fuel. You should have a see thru filter at the carb to see if you have anything in the fuel. Rick
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    New England rough idea of transport costs

    Try these guys They hauled an M8606 forklift from Burlington to 01253 (out in the sticks!) for $600.00. Did it fast and efficient. Located in White River Junction.
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    tent frame for#8340 00 7823 425

    Contact: evil Dr. porkchop on this site. Located in VT and has numerous tent frames
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    Military stencils

    Karl, The site hasn't changed in years. Can't find what you need, call me at 413-269-0058 Monday to Wednesday 8AM to 3PM eastern. At 72 I've cut back on phone hours but I'm still working. Regards, Rick
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    Please help mouse proof my 802A.

    Okay, I've got mice in my truck, my wife's car, my M8606 forklift and my kubota tractor. But, not in my MEP-003a gen set. I made a concerted effort to rid them in the gen set after finding the air hose from the air cleaner packed solid with a nest. The things that solved the problem was a Bird-x...
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    Emissions sticker

    Here's one for a 1990 6.2L Rick
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    Replacement power train or motor options?

    I have a NOS 6.2L Humvee engine that is out of the can. Been stored in my garage for the last 10 years. Complete from fan pump to flex plate. Only needs starter, alternator and vacuum pump Rick
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    Love the M37

    Head count so far from the "Big E" 4 I know you're around Bill W. Metal or rubber connectors!!! Rick
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    Love the M37

    Hey Keith! Going down to NC next week to haul PBR721 in the Virginia beach veterans parade! Thinking of taking a ride past George's old house. will be kind of tough! Give me a call after the 14th. Really miss getting together with you and James @ Aberdeen. Remember the people from the "previous...
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    Love the M37

    Those are some mighty nice looking ARMY trucks Sarge!!! I hope the next one is going to be for the Corps! Here's a "work" truck dedicated to you know who! Rick
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