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    MT-1 Gear oil question

    Synthetic oils use a whole 'nutter chemistry to obtain GL-5 compatibility. The cold, hard., ruthless fact remains: Every M35a2 on the plant that has been in goverment service since the mid 80's has had GL-5 oil in every transmission/transfer/differential. Absolutely nothing bad has happened...
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    M35a2-3 Fuel Pump, Deal or no deal..?

    I have one. Its not a perfect fit.. its about 1/4 inch smaller at the top. Works fine, and other than having to make a 'filler' its a good pump. Just be careful when you take the 24V connector off the old pump.... try not to bend the 'ears' that have to line up to keep in in place. At $50...
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    Post blasting / sanding flash rust elimination tests

    Rust needs AIR for chemical conversion to take place. Blast it dry. If you have a shop vac that you hate you can rig up a suction device to reclaim sand. A dust Deputy is $30 and will make reclamation faster. Plus your filter won't clog (as fast). Once clean hit it with metal prep and...
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    Anyone try pro sandblast equipment to strip their m35?

    If you can get enough CFM out of the nozzle the next issue is the grit. Like a pro posted above Black Beauty is aggressive for most paint/rust, but there are much more aggressive grit (and larger sized) that will go through CARC like butter. I'd take the bed off to make sure you get under the...
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    CCKW part sources

    Vehicles of Victory has always been spotty with parts. I have never gotten much from them (either under the old or new owner). VonRosenstiel does come across some decent parts, but when I was up there a few years ago he had moved and lives quite a ways from the parts... so 'inventory' per say...
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    WWII CCKW Assembly Line (France)

    You have this backwards. Initially they were sent to the UK and France assembled as part of Lend lease (well, the very early ACKWs). Then single unit packs (one truck in two crates, then TUP's (two trucks in three crates). Single units include 1 cab/chassis crate and a cargo box crate. Two...
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    Questions b4 I buy a deuce

    Any decent sheet metal shop should be able to make the stakes and legs.. they are simple 90deg bends. Measure the ID of the stake pocket and reduce be 1/8 or so for wiggle room. Buying them is an option.. shipping them may be a deal breaker... unless you just get the metal and add your own wood.
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    MT-1 Gear oil question

    If you look at the lube order for M35a2 trucks they have been running GL5 since the mid 80's. That means 20+ years of GL5 in the trucks and none of them have suffered from any soft of 'yellow metal failure'.
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    9x20 inner tube price check

    I need two inner tubes. Seems that online the going price is $24-28. Is that about right? Anyone have a good source for tube? I plan on patching one just as an emergency backup, but still need two for flats I have now.
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    Transmission & PTO TMs?

    There are some CCKW sites you need to jump on... my own and Mine is kinda slow because I filter out most the BS posts and is really just plain wrong lots of time with info. They try, but I don't post there becuase all I would do is correct people and that gets tiring.
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    Transmission & PTO TMs?

    Those are casting numbers. There was only one transmission used in CCKWs GMC-2140096 (CE-204-VO-273) There should be a data plate with this info. The only tranny TM for the CCKW is TM9-1802A. I have not found a PDF of it, but Portrayal Press sells it in paperback. The images are pretty...
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    CCKW 3-53T and AUTO.

    I bought two of the last Bendix Series II hydrovac kits from Mr. Ward. Paid a pretty penny (shilling?) for them... so I know that parts are hard to find and expensive. I don't know him personally but have spoke to him on the phone. Even though we build 560,000+ CCKWs the sad truth is that...
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    Atlanta Area NAPAs STINK

    Not all NAPAs stock the same thing.. so what is carried in one store is special ordered in another.. it all goes to what they sell. The NAPA in Pottsville has different parts available than the one in Minersville.. less than 10 miles apart. I know which one will make a hose vs order it. One...
  14. paulfarber

    CCKW 3-53T and AUTO.

    No, you don't. Sorry if I know more that you.... but this man is getting r*ped and if telling him that there are other sources for parts is 'negative' then you have no idea of the meaning of the word. And please don't post your personal attacks anymore.. its against the rules.
  15. paulfarber

    CCKW 3-53T and AUTO.

    If what your pics show is the result of $60,000NZD the PLEASE tell me who you are dealing with in the USA so I can avoid them.
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