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    MULe Parts Info

    Country Cylinder sleeve ‘s and Pistons What Number is Stamped On Them Do ya Have Matching # Thanks Jim
  2. rexman

    MULe Parts Info

    .com is Hard to deal with Lenord ,Bill or John Would Send Me Parts With invoice No Body does that. 1 time ask Bill how can ya do that Told Me Not Many People With Mules Parts Only Fit Them Sure a Couple Stiffed Him But That What Made Him A Great Man. Any 1 Got Parts Off John Lately...
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    MULe Parts Info

    Thanks Do you think this Company Got All John Emery’s Mule Parts Or is he still selling parts Thanks Jim
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    MULe Parts Info

    Hi Have a Phone for Eastern Surplus Don’t Know Where To Look Thanks Jim
  5. rexman

    MULe Parts Info

    Hi I am sure it is here somewhere Dialup Takes all day, Need Engine parts , Well Pistons And Matching Cylinders John Emery I had got from awail back ,Welll maybe the first set John had setup the Numbers on each 1 to Fit Cylinder , Been Looking For a Store Or Info Where To Call Thanks Jim...
  6. rexman

    Mule Wide Tires

    Hi looking to see if the wide tire can still be had Might get a set of wide rims tires are shot.Name or a brand or where to get a set 4 ,Or if any one got a nice set of Rims & Ag tires for sale. Shipping to 16351 Thanks Jim
  7. rexman

    Mag spark-hit or miss

    Plugs pulled Grounded or not ,Spark Is on or off,Crankinging away. Want to know if the condencer might be bad or something elsein Mag
  8. rexman

    Need transmission take apart help M274

    Had a problem thinking engine was getting tight rebuilt it,same problem,so thinking the input shaft bearing is bad to the point of sizing up,does that end of the tranny come apart or does that shaft come out other end,Any one else ever had this happen,
  9. rexman

    TiredIronGRB Tell us about your Volvo C304

    (rchalmers3) Tirediron's 1991 Toyota FJ80 Has Volvo TGB-303 portal axles under her Not unimog's axles, By the way She is up for sale.On & is the build of the great Rock Crawler George made.Pm 4 Info
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    Mule tie rod end availability???

    Cutting the threaded Rod off the used one getting a sleave and welding it to Short /Your Done .Try that.Just Posted looking for a heim joint idea to use Then get more life out of my Steering
  11. rexman

    Mule Roll Bar info

    Seen on ebay a roll bar for the crew cab/Polaris xp crew Sport Bar,lot of money for what it is would need 2 of them f&r But like to get the phone number of the company that make it. see if they could make me a couple hoops 49" wide x a little less than 4 foot high,Looking for a solid lead,To...
  12. rexman

    12volt or 6 volt

    Thanks Teacher,3rd one i tryed ,just a wire from it to battery,maybe i need a lower amp alt.Thats why was thinking the 6 volt gen
  13. rexman

    Heim Joint Steering Has it been done for our Mules

    Hi looking for a better way to steer my mule,Stock tie rods would be great if had Greese fitting's ,But Seen offroad vehicles running Heim's ,so was a thinking they might make the mule steering easyer ,not ware out as fast,Only problem is making a tapered/treaded shank to fit the size of heim...
  14. rexman

    12volt or 6 volt

    Got a 12v,setup .it does not seem to charge the battery.think the mule engine does not turn fast to do the charging, So was thinking maybe a 6 volt generator might work better.any Idea's.
  15. rexman

    Mule 1st year Gov used elec starter

    Thanks just wanted to know if made and used by our troops. no my starter failed and thinking about how it got its name was going get a stock pull starter put the cord out on side not front big handle just set it to start and rip on it from the side pull was going to use. but got a 12 volt...
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