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    Prices Deleted from ads... WHY?

    I will buy it at today's price. I'm assuming that includes delivery?:twisted:
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    Real Hot-Rod Deuce!

    surewriting.......... are you related to these guys? seems like the same line of thinking.:roll:
  3. SterlingDevelop

    think I need to find another transfercase - looking for an air-shift unit

    That sounds like a story...... You aren't married, are you?:-D Good luck, wish I could help but I'm stuck waaaaaaaaaaay over on the other coast.
  4. SterlingDevelop

    Anyone near Denver going to Ft. Carson?

    I need some fairly small items picked up at Ft. Carson next week and then dropped off in Aurora. If anyone in the Denver area is going there on a loadout to get their own stuff and can help me out, I would appreciate it. Send a PM if you can help or have suggestions. Thanks fellas! Brent
  5. SterlingDevelop

    I cant get insurance!!!

    Insurance or the lack thereof will not affect your ability to use the truck for work. Truck will not know the difference.:wink:
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    Help me prove that deuce fits in garage

  7. SterlingDevelop

    California Police Vehicle Weight Limit

    How many cops does it hold?:-P
  8. SterlingDevelop

    Closure On HEMTT Rim Adapter Plate Project

    Some are taken aback at the price, I just really want to know if there is more to the machining process than I am thinking. My grandfather was a machinist for Hughes Aircraft back when everything was manual. I was amazed at his skill, I don't know the first thing about it. I do, however , build...
  9. SterlingDevelop

    Closure On HEMTT Rim Adapter Plate Project

    That's what I was getting at when I made this post to the original thread a while ago. I never did get an answer......why is it more complicated than cutting it on the waterjet and then reaming and...
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    Alredneck needs truck loading help!

    drgreg, flag on the play unauthorized use of banned popcorn.:twisted:
  11. SterlingDevelop

    Why Not to Pay Too Much for a GL Truck

    Do you retail trucks, Warthog?
  12. SterlingDevelop

    youtube video series of two guys around the country on a M1009

    I think if we couldn't be trusted with the popcorn smiley, we won't be getting a pukey smiley. We could ask........
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