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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Gave Blaze a well deserved bath and changed out the glow plug controller card. Wow, that's what the " WAIT" light looks like!! :-)
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    I'll second nyoffroad, check with your local body shops to see where they get their panels. I was looking for some repair panels and what started off as $28 parts with $110 shipping, ended up being $26 parts and a few miles travel to a local warehouse.
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    Yep another NG from South TX

    Welcome to the site. I'm also displaced, though not as far. Grew up on the NW side of CC, Annaville, & Calallen.
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    Still sluggish starting in the cold....

    The IP is under & just in front of the air cleaner. Pink wire goes to the IP to cut it off, two green wires go to the advance & fast idle. My GP relay failed & I replace it withth st85, worth the money & tried/true.
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    Still sluggish starting in the cold....

    Are you still getting power to your cold advance & fast idle? They're the green wires on the injector pump. These are controlled by a temp switch/sensor on the passenger side block, towards the rear.
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    now this is a camper

    That is what I call SERIOUS urban camouflage!!!!!
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Just about have my water pump replaced. WHY does this have to be a PITA??? Passenger side alt. removed, power steering pump removed, and that little tiny hose connection on the top so I can the LAST bolt out! REALLY??? Bout done!
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    M1009 hard power steering and mushy brakes

    The last time I had problems with a stiffer than usual steering, one of the bracket securing nuts left me and two of the others were extremely loose. I replaced the missing nut, tightened the two loose nuts and readjusted the belt. No problems since.
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    Gen 2 alternator replacement question

    Check out the "alternator symptom" sticky (post 120) in the CUCV forum. That location is only used on the driver's side alt. It's tach pick up as part of the STE/ICE diagnostic system.
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    M416 tm9-2330-251-14 Oct. 1970

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    How to know if my 6.2l is running as it should

    To lube the speedo cable, I pulled it loose of the speedometer, disconnected the other end from the trans. The speedometer end has a little cup at the end that I filled with a penetrating oil, then I put a drill on the trans side and ran it for a few minutes. It made a world of difference in my...
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    Speedometer vs GPS

    Ditto what jw4x4 said, speedometer error is a ratio or percent so it shows more at higher speeds. If you're interested in correcting it or calculating the error you might try this site
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    On the Road to Recovery! Again!!!

    Nice haul !!! Glad to hear y'all made it back safe & without any problems. How was the ride?
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    New Guy from near Houston,TX

    Welcome to the forum. You'll find quite a few folks in the Houston area and even more in the surrounding towns. You've been warned......the OD disorder continues!
  15. txmytx_catahoula

    Anybody running a th400 in a repowered gasser?

    You might have a look at this thread, I think he goes through the plus & minus of things. BTW I realy liked your thread on your extende cab Duece!!
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