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    Rear Leaf Springs - do they have bushings?

    I forgot I posted this. Now I need to go look a 2nd time and probably install some bushings. My truck still bucks and vibrates a lot.
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    LMTV M1078 3D CAD Model on OnShape

    I moved from OnShape to Fusion 360. You can download the model here:
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    LMTV Trailer Wiring Plug

    I have a m1078. Someone is giving me a m101 trailer. They removed the military connector on the trailer side and fitted a 4 pin civilian. What connector do I buy to replace the missing one one the trailer? Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    My new LMTV is blowing water pumps and loosing alternator brackets!

    On my truck the drive shafts were bad. I have also discovered that the engine mounts are torn. I have replacement parts but have not installed them yet.
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    Boiling battery

    I will relay the information. I hope to get to the bottom of this problem/
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    Boiling battery

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    Boiling battery

    A friend Oliver just put in fresh batteries and drove his truck to burning man. When he got there he sent a photo (thermal) of a very hot front right battery. We believe it's overheating. I checked the voltage regulator and it was alternating green before the trip. We checked the output...
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    Solar for habitat on an FMTV

    I have discovered the crowds don't entirely overlap. But you can find me over there and I would be happy to discuss the electrical complexities of designing a house on wheels. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    Solar for habitat on an FMTV

    Should we be designing in a way to tilt the solar panels to get more power?
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    slow leak in tire

    I was able to find the kit on ebay but I have not seen any in a long time. You can buy complete CTIS hosts that are NOS for ~ 170 right now.
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    HIGH SPEED GEAR SWAP With Photos, 1995 A-0

    ok that saved me getting stuck mid process. Care to share what the kit (bushing driver kit) is called or where I can source it?
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    Solar for habitat on an FMTV

    Given the roof size and total bank capacity it is possible to run entirely on solar power. Sunpower makes som 430 watt panels and Panasonic makes some others in the 330 watt. If you cover "most" of the roof you can put 5 panels up. 330 watts x 5 panels = 1,650 or 1.65 kw. In California here...
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    Solar for habitat on an FMTV

    When looking at lithium batteries you should know there are many vendors available and you can build a pack of whatever capacity and voltage you like by assembling individual cells/batteries. The tesla is a great option because they use a unique chemistry that "resists" fires and being pulled...
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    Solar for habitat on an FMTV

    For a good read on designing you house electrical you should read this: I would jump to section 6 which has common energy budgets for boats. It matches my needs closely.
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    Solar for habitat on an FMTV

    When designing the battery bank for the house part you should bear in mind how much power you use during a day and how many cycles you will put in your battery bank. Then you can figure out the correct minimum size for the bank and find what power sources you will use. It is possible to add...
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