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    Dana 60 front w/ crossover steering?

    Umm ... depends on how you like your metal shavings.
  2. akonitony

    6.2 intake porting question

    I would definitely port and polish the heads. SOP whenever I have a head off on anything from my 8V92TA to my wife's Grand Cherokee Overland. You might also look into swirling the intake valves. Do it right, and you can make even more ponies. ;)
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    Problem with Allison transmission. Is there any Allison experts out there?

    I've never worked on that model of a unit before, but I imagine it uses a governor for it's upshifts. Probably behind an plate near the tail. I would remove and inspect it first. If no problem there, I would drop the pan and valve body and rebuild that next. I doubt it has to do with the fluid...
  4. akonitony

    Bobber help. need advice on removing bogie rivets

    I was going to say a long-barrelled air hammer with a punch-type chisel in it usually gets what's left of the rivet out after removing the head. Has to be a long-barrel, or it will get laughed at by the rivet.
  5. akonitony

    Problem with Allison transmission. Is there any Allison experts out there?

    Clean fluid can be a good or bad thing. Can't tell you how many times I've had customers come in with a trans problem that required a rebuild after they did a fluid and filter change to see if that helped, only to wash away any evidence of what was going on in the pan. I would contact ATSG and...
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    M109A3 - Combat Camper Build

    I have not measured mine, but I believe they are 12' long, if I'm not mistaken. I'm wanting to convert one of mine to a camper, but I'm thinking of cutting a doorway between the cab and the front of the box, then fiberglassing in everything to sort of make it like a condominium. Wonder if anyone...
  7. akonitony

    my m1009 engine rebuild, turbo addition, AC addition, and trans swap

    A rare part indeed! As for hooking it up, I'd use my hands. :-?:mrgreen:
  8. akonitony

    m1009 strange trans issue.

    Something I had forgotten to mention, the front band only comes on when the shifter is in D2. It is actually not needed any other time, including when it shifts into 2nd gear when the shifter is in D3. I vaguely remember my trans-builder mentor telling me many moons ago how you could take the...
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    Question regarding Deuce tires

    I had a perfectly good-looking michelin blow out on my M35A3 a couple of months ago, so I replaced it with the only one I had, which was the spare. Unfortunately, the spare does have some dry-rot cracks starting to appear, so I'm currently trying to scrounge money for some 195s. I think it was...
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    m1009 strange trans issue.

    One other thing to check with early or soft shifts is the governor. If it is sticking, it can create high governor line pressure, which will trick the valve body. Matter of fact, that would be the first thing I would look at with your symptoms since it only requires removal of 4 bolts and a new...
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    m1009 strange trans issue.

    With 3L80s, if there is any problem, it is usually in need of a rebuild. At least that's been my experience. I'd agree with WK... er, post #4. No engine braking in D2, or 2nd gear is usually the front servo or front band. Someone could have changed out the fluid and filter thinking it might...
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    diagnose-help please

    Best starting fluid, so-I'm-told, is Rosanol lighter fluid. It's wetter than ether, and won't hurt your diesel in moderate amounts. Don't shoot the messenger - I'm just regurgitating what a diesel mechanic told me.
  13. akonitony

    Katrina Deuce Story - MUST READ

    Well, I have no real words to accurately offer condolences, just tears. I have a special-neeeds boy of 4 years old, whom I'm currently waiting on to finish his **** cookie so he doesn't make me spank him! Hold-on, I'll be right back. Alright, I'm back after giving him a serious verbal warning...
  14. akonitony

    Questions b4 I buy a deuce

    Still don't know what you mean about 'side gates'. I'm thinking drop-sides too, but not real sure.
  15. akonitony

    Questions b4 I buy a deuce

    It all depends on the condition of the vehicle, the number of bidders, the distance you are going to have to drive/transport vehicle, if the vehicle starts/runs/drives or not, and probably at least a dozen other criteria. We've seen them go for as little as $300 for a nice-looking unit to $5k...
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