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    The official 2022 Southeast Military Vehicle Rally information thread (the event formerly known as the Georgia Rally). This is gonna' be awesome!

    I haven’t posted on Steel Soldiers in 5 years and I haven’t driven my deuce in an equally embarrassing amount of time (6 months? 9 months?), but this looks like it will absolutely kick ass. Huge thanks to Clint, Mac, Jeff, Mark, Dave, and whoever else I’m forgetting for doing all the legwork...
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    Official 2017 Ga. Military Vehicle Rally info thread. Oct. 18-22, 2017

    HMMWV PMCSd, fueled, and just about loaded up. Will be wheels-up from Alpharetta shortly after lunch tomorrow. Now it's time to see how much stuff can go sideways between now and then!
  3. Capt.Marion

    Official 2017 Ga. Military Vehicle Rally buy-sell-trade thread

    Also looking for an aluminum front turn signal/parking light housing... doesn't need the lens or anything. Standard M-series, for a HMMWV. I found out this afternoon that the plastic ones break easily :roll:
  4. Capt.Marion

    Official 2017 Ga. Military Vehicle Rally buy-sell-trade thread

    I'm looking for the following: -HMMWV A2 air-lift rear bumpers, with brackets at a minimum. If you have all of the rest of the hardware, that's even better. I need up to 3 sets. -basic/A1 HMMWV hood -good, straight HMMWV tailgate with hinges -6.2l HMMWV injection pump -assortment of military...
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    Temperature Sending unit

    If you check the parts manual (TM9-2320-280-24P-1), you'll find the coolant temperature sending unit is item 11 in figure 66. That will tell you the correct part number and NSN so you can check around at the various military parts suppliers to find it. KASCAR, Erik's Military and Industrial...
  6. Capt.Marion

    M998 TM question

    Appendix F of TM 9-2320-280-20-3 has the wiring diagrams for the entire vehicle.
  7. Capt.Marion

    Led taillight upgrade issues.

    Has anybody tested the LED functionality when using the civilian/aftermarket Novita/Tridon EG22 flasher module? Thanks, Ken
  8. Capt.Marion

    2016 Ga Military Vehicle Rally buy/sell/trade thread

    Swap meet is literally all day every day at the rally. Most guys that are selling lots of stuff camp out right at their vendor spot. If you're looking for somebody or something in particular and can't find it, you can ask around. Every one is super friendly.
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    2016 Ga Military Vehicle Rally buy/sell/trade thread

    Is anybody bringing some of these Hardigg cases? I'm using the **** out of mine for IT and horse show work and would love to grab another one. Thanks!
  10. Capt.Marion

    Official 2016 Ga. Military Vehicle Rally info thread. Oct. 19-23, 2016

    Did the T-shirt design ever get finalized? Inquisitive minds want to see it!
  11. Capt.Marion

    2016 Ga Military Vehicle Rally buy/sell/trade thread

    I'm looking for the following: 1. a known working M-series 60A 28V alternator for an M35A2. Just the plain-jane Prestolite AMA-5104UT or equivalent. -- DONE 2. tire inflator gauge, one of the Milton-style ones with the double-ended chuck for filling dual-mounted tires on the big trucks. I...
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    Official '15 Ga. Rally Multimedia thread

    Any idea on when the professional video of the hardball convoy, etc, will be available? I imagine it will take them a little while to get it edited and all shipshape. -Ken
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    Official 2015 Ga. Rally buy/sell/trade thread

    Hey y'all, I'm looking for a 3" 8-point axle nut socket for the M44-series 2 1/2 ton trucks. Yes, yes, I know I can fight with my local NAPA and have them order one, etc, but maybe I can finagle myself a good deal on one at the rally. Also looking for an affordable impact wrench (pneumatic or...
  14. Capt.Marion

    Brake hose upgrades?

    I had some replacement rubber hoses (and a replacement brake line, too) made up for my 2 1/2 ton and Joe had some specialty lines made for his Gamma Goat at Royal Brass and Hose in Marietta--they seemed to be pretty decent, too.
  15. Capt.Marion

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    I did absolutely nothing to my deuce this week, last week, or last month. In fact, I've been 1100 miles away from my deuce for all of that time. However, I did pick up 4 11.00x20 NDCCs today, which means there will be a whole pile of work done soon--rear hub un-flipping to accommodate duals...
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