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    Transmission manuals

    Yup GM did change the spelling of Hydra-Matic to Hydramatic in the late 60's to early 70's. Denny
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    Purchased a 1943 Ford GPW

    Now after seeing your other thread I am 100% positive you will be good to that Jeep! I think you will be much happier going stock but that is just my 2 cents. Stock or not I say leave the pto it is kind of a neat option and pays homage to it's post military life but it's your call. As for those...
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    Our first trip to the lake with the deuce

    Wow! That drought down there must be bad or that aint much of a lake. Nice setup for towing though. I like the shorty bed. Denny
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    2 in 1 Recovery M38A1's

    You can never have enough Jeeps! Up north here we can't even find them unless they are rusted to dust and you are willing to pay a arm and 2 leggs. Keep them then if you ever need another one you have it! Denny
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    Purchased a 1943 Ford GPW

    The Buick odd fire v6 that is in there is total garbage. They were junk when new and junk now, I know I worked on them. That is why Buick sold the design and only bought the rights back to produce it until the development was done on the even fire v6. After seeing the restoration you did on that...
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    Need Help With Bodywork M1009

    As some one who has repaired and painted way to many 73-87 Chevy trucks I can tell you it is best to cut out and replace the metal. New front fenders are cheap compared to rust repair and will last a whole lot longer. Buy complete panels when you can, (full inner & outter rocker panels for...
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    Intake flame heater delete

    I would just knock the porcelain out and weld closed. When I was poor as a kid I knocked the porcelain out of a plug and made a TDC stop for degreeing the cam in my 454 elcamino. Almost 30 years later as a poor adult I'm still using it.aua Denny
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    White M2A1 Halftrack

    Welcome! And thanks for showing us your track. Looks like a lot of the hard stuff is already done, good luck. Denny
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    My New Project - 1942 Ford GPW

    You have to keep that front grill guard! I hate to say it but that cab is probably one of if not the best home fabricated cabs I have ever seen on a jeep. With all that said if you do as good a job on the jeep as the WC that thing is sure to be a knock out! Denny
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    Genset engine on a GoKart or Lawn tractor?

    I always wanted a diesel powered gocart but I think the governer issue would be tough to resolve. The torque it would have would be a lot more fun. Gas however would still be a lot of fun. Denny
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    M105A2 PPG Pittsburgh Paint

    It looks like crap! It would look much better hooked to the back of my deuce in my yard! :lol: Seriously man, you did a good job! It looks great. Denny
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    My 1940 Dodge 1-1/2 Ton w/ winch

    What is the real story behind this truck then? Please enlighten us. Denny
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    71 m35a2 no start, no fuel

    Dude, just do a search or just read back a few days Gimpy has helped a lot of people with the same issues you are having and he provided great pictures and write up also. So easy even a cave man could do it. Denny
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    Horn Repair and Steering Wheel Replacement

    Easy job, first off the square gasket is used only on the Gamma Goat I believe, throw it away. To run the new wire up the column take a long straight piece of mechanics wire (about 2 ft longer than the column) make a tiny loop in the end of it with a pair of needle nose pliers. From the inside...
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    1942 Ford 1 1/2 ton

    Carolyn, It is sad to say most of the value historically and monetarily was cut away when the fire apparatus was removed. That is the bad news. But from what I can see in the few pictures you posted it looks like your father really liked the truck and put a lot of effort into it's...
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