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    Need Parking Brake Cable For M116A2

    Did you ever find a cable?
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    M101A2-A3 Brake Shoes & bearings

    I have a M101a2 and two M101a3's On the ones I have the bearing, seals brake drums and brakes are the same. I do not know about the M116 series but would think that all the 8 lug trailers were the same. Here are the Bearing Numbers. LARGE BEARING/RACE Inner Bearing 25580 Inner Race 25520...
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    M101A2-A3 Brake Shoes & bearings

    That price of $40.00 is per side.
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    M101A2-A3 Brake Shoes & bearings

    I have a few of the a2/a3 trailers and have found a lot of auto parts stores and Agri Supply carry the bearings and seals for these trailers. I also know that Titan/Dico makes the Backing plates and some brake parts. Bendix also some parts.....BUT ......... does anyone know if the brake...
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    Weight station Question

    This is from the NCSHP link to the Motor Carrier Section FAQ: What trucks are required to enter a North Carolina Weigh Station? All trucks (or a truck and trailer combination) with a manufacturer?s GVWR of 10,001 lb or more are required to enter a Weigh Station in North Carolina. Here are...
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    M151's still out there? Look

    Saw one at DRMO at Camp Lejeune two weeks ago. Not in very good shape.
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    EUC turn arounds do get faster

    After the first one they seem to get faster as a lot of people have said. My first one took almost 40 days, second one took 12 days and my last one from event 4721 took 3 days. Sent to BC on 10/5 and notified on 10/8. All of mine have been in the past 2 months.
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    Help with H1 purchase

    There was a HMMWV at Ft. Bragg DRMO a few weeks ago............Don't know if they are going to sell it. And if they did not sure that any part on it could be used. Parachute didn't open during a air drop and the vehicle is almost flat.
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    New to me M101A3

    I am almost 1/2 way between Fayetteville and Wilmington on NC 87. About 1.5 hrs. from Lejeune. Unless I win something else I should have room on my trailer.
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    New to me M101A3

    I also wound up with one of those yesterday(6657), and picked one up this past Monday from Event 4671 at the same location.
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    M101A2-A3 Master Cylinder

    I was PM'ed this site Products and thought I would share it. Just incase someone else my need some parts for the actuator.
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    M101A2-A3 Master Cylinder

    Does anyone know of a good=(CHEAP) place to purchase a new or used master cylinder for a M101 A3 trailer. I bought a trailer a few weeks ago and its missing this part. I have found a one place that has a new one for around $91.00 + SH. Just checking Thanks, Herb
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    DO i need the sf97 in nc?

    "It is only 60 dollars or so" Are you saying you have to pay for the SF97 now?
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    If you're still waitin on EUC

    Gald to see you got yours, I got mine today also for 4573 and 4671.
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    EUC in 5 Days!

    1qwkgoat, I got emails and my GL account show's that mine are sent to BC.
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