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  1. ODdave

    M274 axle or parts

    Anyone know where to find or have a steer axle for an mule? I'm located in Michigan but am open to shipping. Thankyou.
  2. ODdave

    nv4500 swap

    It has to do with the location and size of the pin that is on the brake pedal for the pushrod. I just removed the pin from the original CUCV pedal then drilled a new hole and welded it in the manual shift brake pedal.
  3. ODdave

    M105 wheel / brake drum help

    Yes they are replaceable
  4. ODdave

    M105 wheel / brake drum help

    I tried it, it hits the drum 1/2-3/4 of an inch before contacting the wms. I sure wish they did fit though :/
  5. ODdave

    M105 wheel / brake drum help

    W smith...... Did you read my post on this thread?.....
  6. ODdave

    Mep 003 engine value?

    Yes they look to be recon. If I could sell 3 or 4 right off the bat I'd be more inclined to buy them
  7. ODdave

    Mep 003 engine value?

    Well ill let you guys know if I end up with them.
  8. ODdave

    Mep 003 engine value?

    Ok, thanks. Ill probably just pass then. It's an all or nothing deal @350 each. Don't really want to sit on them for ever.
  9. ODdave

    just bought a M1028a2 dually

    Get it back to carc, I love mine and people always ask questions because "they never seen a dually one" :)
  10. ODdave

    Mep 003 engine value?

    Mod, please edit. I ment for the title to say "mep 0003 engine value"
  11. ODdave

    Mep 003 engine value?

    Anyone know what these might be worth? I have access to 6 but only really want one... Not sure what a fair price is. Thanks guys!
  12. ODdave

    HanksDeuce: 8" Lift, Bobbed, External Cage, A/C and more Project!

    What are you going to do about the 1:1 (actually less do to converter) final drive?
  13. ODdave

    PTO help

  14. ODdave

    CUCV-II, South Florida Rebuild

    Clean that carbon off and take another pic, that seat looks hammered out.
  15. ODdave

    Fuel tank cap

    Eh, actually it does need to be vented. If it is not and the seal is good enough that air can not be drawn in you can starve the engine for fuel. Your cap should have a small arm on the underside to switch it from vented to non vented. As long as its in the non vented position the seal on the...
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