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    MEP Sizing Help

    If someone had a 804 genset and wanted to convert to single phase, sewerzuk has videos on how to do it. He goes step by step. 15K should be plenty to take care of the creature comforts.
  2. RetiredNavy

    California owners

    Get the CDL. You'll always have a job.
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    M939 Series Maintenance Manuals

    Check for a seller on Ebay called "acedraven" I bought an updated set from him about a year ago or so. Have the set in the garage. Floridianson and DH had the right idea when you cant find original copies of the TM. I need to find the other sets as well.
  4. RetiredNavy

    Pair of 5-tons - Transport Needed: Sparta to S Chicago 300 mi

    If Jeff is helping, you are in good hands. Be safe if you drive them yourself.
  5. RetiredNavy

    Replacing Spring Brake Diaphragms

    Ken, how could you have sun when 4 inches of snow dropped in Billings last night and a nightmare this morning? still have the insurance info you sent. Good video BTW.
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    Awesome video

    The clips reminded me of the time I was at FOB Speicher, North Tikrit in 2005. Ran bulk fuels assigned to the TTM (Theater Transportation Mission) for KBR. Brought back memories.
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    Videos of my 5-TON

    Nice clips, thanks for sharing.
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    M923A2 from sparta WI to MPLS, MN

    Jeff's phone number is 262-227-2967 unless it has been changed lately. He's a good man.
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    M931A2 conversion to a dropside M923A2 type possible?

    The M923's have a longer wheelbase than the M931 series (longer frames). I dont believe you can get a 14 ft bed on a M931 without stretching the frame a bit. However, a person should be able to put a M105 trailer bed on the 931. Sides wont fold down, unless you know how to fabricate to make it...
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    1900 miles in an M931a2 in 36 hours

    You worked out the cobwebs after a run like that. Am glad all went well for you and the Mrs.
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    A few ?'s about my new M923A2

    How come you havent posted pics of the A2 unit at your house?? Been waiting to see it there.
  12. RetiredNavy

    Iraq pictures, April 2008 to August 2010...

    I was at FOB Speicher in Bulk Fuel in 2005. Stayed in tent city #2. Drove some cabovers and the up armored m915's with A/C. I was a contractor myself. Seeing memories.
  13. RetiredNavy

    Experince with Sparta WI location

    A person can get ahold of JBL (Jeff Laumer?) He does inspections, loadouts and repairs on trucks. Has 14 years military experience in repairs. His rates are reasonable.
  14. RetiredNavy

    Trailers for my 5 ton M932A2

    Carlo, how much does it cost you to put petrol in the 5 ton?
  15. RetiredNavy

    M923a2 no start

    Have it load tested and have the tech determine if there is a bad cell.
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