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    Antenna AT-677/VR -what is it for?

    Kinda like my HID lamps, DIY ECM... ;)
  2. Subjock

    Antenna AT-677/VR -what is it for?

    Has a nice BNC connector though...
  3. Subjock

    HMMWV First aid kit

    Do you have a photo of that bracket? I've hunted for one of those brackets for a while. Thanks.
  4. Subjock

    Throwing money down the CUCV hole

    I bet Pacifica CA would be a close runner-up. That ever-present salt fog comes in every night and does it's silent damage...
  5. Subjock

    m1009 motor mounts

    Hey there, I installed a fluid-damper harmonic balancer and that helped a lot with vibrations, even with the heavy-dity offroad designs motor mounts. Good luck.
  6. Subjock

    Poll - Who has done the Doghead Relay Conversion

    Yes! I put it off as a "Nice to do" thing until the starter gut stuck in "run" after filling up at a gas station & fried the fusible links. Duh-ÓH!
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    Power steering bracket

    Are you sure? They had a bracket for the steering box, not the pump last I looked, 2 months ago.
  8. Subjock

    Power steering bracket

    Impressive damage Kentucky! These pumps must see a LOT of torque. What kind of welder did you use, stick or mig?
  9. Subjock

    Power steering bracket

    Darn, had found a similar stud that fits from a humvee listing, but lost the NSN#! Totally Stainless will fab one up, its a #10 metric, 15mm hex nut. If I ever get access to a scanner, I'll post a drawing of it.
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    Power steering bracket

    Good luck finding a new one, I had to resort to E-Pay for mine. Like your idea of a beefed-up version, kinda like the "bulletproof" differential covers!
  11. Subjock

    Power steering pump cradle...

    Alway's Chevy is sold out.
  12. Subjock

    Power steering pump cradle...

    Thanks WH, Dealers were a no go around around here. (SF Bay Area) Since this seems to be a problem item, I'm looking into changing over to a type 2 pump and remote reservoir & filter setup like the performance boys do. I hate having the filler cap down there anyway. I'll post my findings re...
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    Power steering pump cradle...

    Chevy dealers have discontinued that bracket #140330879 :?
  14. Subjock

    Power steering bracket

    Great thread! I'll add my discovery, since it might be useful. I decided to pull the stud holding the PS bracket (15mm hex) which goes through the water pump, since the threads were stripped (no wonder the bracket kept loosening!) and found it booby trapped as radiator fluid proceeded to...
  15. Subjock

    Great m1009 out of Barstow

    Congrats!! looks like a good catch! I'm S of San Fran and would be interested in a meet.
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