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    4a032 Oil Pump

    I'll try to get a picture of it to show it but I put a tee in the oil feed line for the governor at the block
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    2015 5/15-17 Findlay Ohio Buy, Sell, Trade, Wanted

    Looking for 4 37" Humvee tires with rims Have a complete and a mostly complete parts mep-016C if anyones interested
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    Wanna do a serp belt conversion on my M1009 but keep 24v

    I use to work at NAPA and did this on alternators for older tractors (99% of the time swapping pulleys the opposite way we're trying to go here) but it could be as simple as finding a serpentine pulley that will fit the stock isolated alternator and building a custom bracket to mount it.
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    Wanna do a serp belt conversion on my M1009 but keep 24v

    That might work as its an equalizer and not a regular standard isolator. That vanner is a heck of a lot different than the battery isolator in your boat or in my plow truck. The vanner is costly though ($350 for a used one on a popular auction site) and if it ever fails you have no cheap way to...
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    Wanna do a serp belt conversion on my M1009 but keep 24v

    A battery isolator is more designed around using one 12 volt alternator to charge 2 separate batteries so it wouldn't work for the CUCVs combined 12/24 volt system as there's no way to get 24 volts from it.
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    Wanna do a serp belt conversion on my M1009 but keep 24v

    Because 98% of the electrical on a CUCV is 12 volts, only thing thats 24 volts is the starter, glow plugs and slave plug, so you would have a major uneven charging problem. If you really want to keep the truck 24 volt and have a serp belt setup look into the 6.5 dual alternator options for...
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    Deuce Light Rack Build

    I have 6 70 watt 24 volt H3 bulbs I bought for the 185 that I ended up not using if you're interested.
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    B-52 StratoFortress with X-43A Under-Wing for HYPER-X Test Flight

    Retirement Having participated in some of the most significant projects in aerospace history, NASA 008 was formally retired on Dec. 17, 2004 in a joint NASA and U.S. Air Force ceremony and returned to the Air Force. It is now on permanent public display near the north gate of Edwards...
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    New from Michigan

    Welcome from Durand!
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    JW Speaker headlights Here is another option instead of led, 7" bi-xenon HID headlight for $445
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    JW Speaker headlights

    Yeah but even though I'm having a problem with one I still would run these over a standard H4 bulb. The light output is so much greater with led. Another option is looking at running HID, I am running all 3 bulb types on my Dakota. Led headlights, HID projector driving lights and 130 watt KC...
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    JW Speaker headlights

    I've had them for about a year. Going to be contacting them this week but I'll post how it goes
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    JW Speaker headlights

    That style led light is junk, exposed wires with multiple connections, only 1800 lumens and only a 1 year warranty 2000 lumens low beam/2600 lumens high beam 10-32 volts with a lifetime warranty I have them on my...
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    What M1028 Battery to Buy

    My fire departments M1008 has 2 group 31 batteries in it, no problems cranking it over.
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