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    Help identify this bolt from engine compartment M923A2

    Was doing a little prevent maintenance in preparation for next months turkey hunt / M923A2 road trip & camping adventure. While I was crawling around the front differential I noticed this bolt wedged near the leaf springs on top of the axle.. directly under air compressor / fuel control area...
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    any cucv's in utah...lets play

    No cucv just my trusty M923A2..
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    Source for New Replacement M939 Series Transfer Case Shift Level Decal?

    home made shift level decal Mine was warn off. I couldn't locate one so I just made a quick pdf file. (L) decal pdf, (C) home made decal, (R) old original sample decal 1. I printed off the pdf and cut out the decal 2. applied a strip of clear heavy duty packing tape to both sides of the...
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    M1078 jump question

    Thanks all. Now just waiting on a flood of them to hit the auction.. Not ready to pay $10k for a non running 1078 just yet.
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    Just got my first MV

    Cool congrats on your new rig!
  6. allpredatorcalls Selling Military Rolling Stock SOON!

    Some may of not liked GL but I have concerns about Iron Planet as well I have my concerns regarding IP. One big concern is not being to do a onsite inspection of a vehicle before I bid.. For example several M923's are listed on IP but they only list the state in which they are located, and not...
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    M1078 jump question

    Looking for info on jumping a M1078 vehicle with low/dead batteries (I don't have a m1078, just trying to become a little more knowledgeable of them). Does the M1078 have the newer style 1-pin Slave Cable Port/Connector that is found on vehicles such as the M923 / M939 series? Can a M923 be...
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    M923A2 Fuel Filter Change Nightmare

    ??? If you are talking about a M939A2 series truck wouldn't you want the drain closed and then open your bleeder (pictured) while pumping.
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    Just bought an M923 and I have several questions

    Thanks for the heads up on the alternate locking fuel cap source, just saved me $40
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    M925A2 ( M939A2 Series ) Engine Coolant Cab Heater Performance

    Napa P/N 655-1320
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    aftermarket m35A2 heater blower motor

    Just used the Napa p/n motor as a replacement for my inop heater fan on my M923A2. OEM is a single wire replacement is 2 wire (extra wire is a ground).
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    Whats this mean? NLOVHK

    Got it. Thanks again to all..
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    Whats this mean? NLOVHK

    CARNAC, "Hmmm, didn't read post #1 on the vin info thread." I did read the post if this is what you are referring to. "NLOVHK" is all alpha characters, no numbers.. my vehicle is ser number 23/followed by numbers.. This MFR doesn't address or list 6 alpha characters only, unless I missed...
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    Whats this mean? NLOVHK

    Thanks for the info.
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