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    MEP-016E Starting Issues

    still having issues with the MEP-016E Gen set. Hopefully someone has some info for the problem I am having. It is a converted MEP-016B unit. I have read in other threads when you move the switch to the "RUN" Position you should hear the auto-throttle adjust -- I do not hear this. The fuel...
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    old post but for the batteries if you have a Batteries PLUS store near you they can order it. Or you can just hookup 2 lawn tractor batteries from walmart together. they even have the bridge cable for sale for like $2
  3. andybritt2002

    aftermarket m35A2 heater blower motor

    still looking desperately for a blower motor. Trying to find one that works, anyone have any luck finding replacements?
  4. andybritt2002

    aftermarket m35A2 heater blower motor

    I know this is a old thread, but I tried to buy online from napa. They cancelled my order and told me the item was on back order from the manufacturer. Is there any other sources for this blower motor?
  5. andybritt2002

    MEP-016B Wont Start, HELP !!

    just an update, had some time to mess with it yesterday. Fuel pump works if I use alligator clips and jump it off the battery. The electronic throttle regulator is not working either. Its not getting any power from the plug. Wires appear in great shape and everything looks connected in the head...
  6. andybritt2002

    MEP-016B Wont Start, HELP !!

    I will check to see if pump is clogged etc, the filter looked pretty good. I just went out in the garage and messed with it some more. I put diesel directly into the fuel filter housing etc. I was able to get the generator started and it ran for about 5mins but I had to hold the automatic...
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    MEP-016B Wont Start, HELP !!

    Bump!! need ideas please.
  8. andybritt2002

    MEP-016B Wont Start, HELP !!

    if anyone has "helpful" information, it would be greatly appreciated!
  9. andybritt2002

    MEP-016B Wont Start, HELP !!

    hey guys, I recently purchased a MEP-016B from GL. I changed oil, added fuel (it was empty), and hooked up 2 lawn and garden batteries for now. I pre-heated, and got it to crank. It would only start if I was pulling on some of the linkage for the throttle. I got it to run for about 30 sec and...
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    Need a Sprag Expert

    subscribed ..
  11. andybritt2002

    who got a good deal? this guy did! LED'S

    anyone selling any of those $25 each or less sets now?
  12. andybritt2002

    M35a3 wheel o-rings

    put me in for 4!!!!
  13. andybritt2002

    2011 vin info thread

    Hey Carnac, I have 2 M105A2 trailers 1) a. NWOB3P0104 b. unkown c. 2330001418050 d. Richmond, VA e. Unknown 2) a. 65K36271788 (not sure if that is right .. but that is what it says) b. unkown c. 2330001418050 d. Richmond, VA e. Unknown I appreciate your kind service
  14. andybritt2002

    Middle axle out of alignment

    if its slid to the right, how is it causing excessive wear? is it leaning too ?
  15. andybritt2002

    Just wanted to share!

    Get ya a 1" drive impact from Harborfreight for about $150. Its the best money youll ever spend. If it doesnt take it off it will break it. around 1500ft/lb of torque. they also have a good 1/2" brand called Earthquake, it was like $80 for the 1/2" impact and its built like the more expensive...
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