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    Blew oil line engine now toast! Cat 3116 getting replaced

    Gents, Thanks for the education. I am tracking down an oil leak under that side of the truck. I will check mine to make sure its ok. Joe
  2. Bobcat701

    First FMTV M1083

    Nice truck enjoy!
  3. Bobcat701

    LMTV Upgrades

    kenet3621, I like the way you mounted your fuel cans, I need to add that mod. Thanks Joe
  4. Bobcat701

    Idea for M-1082 RV Conversion

    Impressive work, you have great skills. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Bobcat701

    June 3rd Edenton NC farm show

    I need to wave off this year. Its my own fault because I did not add the event to my calendar. I will make it happen next year, Edition looks like an awesome little town.
  6. Bobcat701

    June 3rd Edenton NC farm show

    What is the address, I might be able to make it. Joe
  7. Bobcat701

    Hello From Ireland - M1044 Owner

    Welcome from North Carolina, I hope to visit Ireland one day. Joe
  8. Bobcat701

    FMTV Hydraulic Fluid?

    Thanks for the education. I will remember that. Joe[ QUOTE=kenet3621;1841655]Some General Military Lube Specs... I found these at PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATION LUBRICATING OIL, INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE, COMBAT/TACTICAL SERVICE This specification is approved for use by...
  9. Bobcat701

    New (to us) M1079 A1

    Nice truck, your troop will love it. I own an LMTV and we use it quite often for scout activities.
  10. Bobcat701

    June 3rd Edenton NC farm show

    Sounds fun, I'm in. Joe
  11. Bobcat701

    FNG from Illinois

    Havoc, Welcome from NC. Steal Soldiers has many great people, and it is a great place to learn about military vehicles.
  12. Bobcat701

    BBQ Convoy-Denton Rally Friday 14 Apr 2017

    I would like to see your set up. I have a cb in my lmtv with a military antenna cut to freq. I am planning on installing an intercom system next. Regards,[ JoeQUOTE=Oxyacetylene;1993154]Any more word on communications for the convoy? I have my aircraft intercom system working with my ham...
  13. Bobcat701

    BBQ Convoy-Denton Rally Friday 14 Apr 2017

    I will need 3 tickets please.
  14. Bobcat701

    Commercial use of FMTV M1088 Tractor?

    I start my CDL course next week. I am looking at doing something with it part time.
  15. Bobcat701

    Commercial use of FMTV M1088 Tractor?

    I appreciate your advice, I know as much $ I put into my LMTV. So using it for a toy may be the best option in the far future.
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