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    air horn intake

    Hate to bring up an old thread, but I just bought a hmmwv air horn online. I am hoping to make a cold air intake out of it for my m1028. I am wondering if it will fit my j code intake, even with the bolts front to rear, rather than side to side. FYI they are $35 dollars on eBay with $15 shipping.
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    How much weight has your cucv hauled?

    Cool thanks for the link iceman! I realy feel that if I do a turbo, I first need a bigger injection pump, along with a decent set of headers, and if I can get 300 hp I would be happy. Lol if there's one thing I know about engines they need to breathe as well as exhale, then you can give them...
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    M1010 Fully Self Contained, Long Range Expedition Vehicle

    Ha rusty way to go! Give them the last 2cents! Ha ha just kidding bud!
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    My 1028A1 project almost done.

    I'm in mn but would love to find a decent place that would do good work at a reasonable price. It doesn't have to get painted, just fixed. I like getting creative with rattle cans. All the places I've talked to out here in southern mn want 3k for the work and it's not that bad of rust. I could...
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    6.2 diesel power

    I second that Dok! Was wondering why I bought my m1028; until I went in the deepest, nastiest, mud infested hole I could find. Then it was as graceful as the fifth symphony when the 6.2 idled along; all locked out in four low in mud up past the frame rails! Ah who needs a radio when you got...
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    M1028 vs M1008

    That's sexy rusty a 383 must get the tires roast'n[thumbzup]. Ha ha I still love the clanky, pingy, throw the rod out of the side sound of a 6.2 tho. Plus averaging 16mpg with town driving on the way to work in a 1 ton pickup is still pretty good.
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    Meet Mr Rusty

    Wow is that a Minnesota truck? Ha ha good luck cucvrus! If you want to work on one slightly less rusty I need some fender wells and rockers replaced. Lol
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    My 1028A1 project almost done.

    Looks pretty good, mine had less rust and it came from Minnesota. Heck would love you to fix the rockers on mine next. :goodjob:
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    How much shim after 4" lift?

    Cool what size tires are those truck1? I also own a 1984 m1028 and am debating the lift kit options as of because I bought some Chinese xzl clones that are 36" tall by 9" wide and will fit on the stock 16 inch rims.
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    How much weight has your cucv hauled?

    Yeah for a couple years standinyne made a full mechanical db4 injection pump for boats so I'm looking for it on eBay rebuilt and turn in my db2 for the core. All what the numbers mean is either 2 or 4 plungers 4 being better...
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    How much weight has your cucv hauled?

    I love my m1028 for pulling the extra over loads are nice..... Now if I can find a turbo and a marine injection pump with some hi pop injectors at a nice low price. 2cents:-P
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    CUCV M1008 trailer hitch

    I know it's just cash is tight, and all I need it for is to pull maybe a 1,700 lb boat at the most combination with trailer. Other wise all the heavy loads get tugged on the pintle, my dad owns a nice pulling 6,000 lb car trailer that has the pintle ring set at the right hight for both of our...
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    M1028 vs M1008

    I see how it is rusty. No love for the 6.2? Lol I'm a cummins guy myself but for the price of rebuilding one you could go and get slightly used crate 6.5 they sell on gov planet sometimes full mechanical let me remind you. Lol cucvs remind me of lawn mowers, when the motor blows up its cheaper...
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    How much weight has your cucv hauled?

    Oh that's right the county fair is coming up. Maybe I will enter in the led sled event. Lol
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    CUCV M1008 trailer hitch

    Hey rusty what does the bumper on your m1031 have for supports? Mine is crossbraced right at the swivel pintle but then it has like 3/8 plate steel welded in it all along the inside was wondering what your m1031 has since they got extra goodies like the m1028 and I believe the bumper on a m1031...
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