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    M1009 - Problem removing rear axle.

    OK we are all done. Here is a photo of the broken bolt that holds the pin in next to a new one. My Chevy dealer had them in stock. The part # is 56196, it's called a screw and cost $4.30. The Matco kit is just what you see in the photo. The allen head bolt is drilled out so you can use it as a...
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    M1009 - Problem removing rear axle.

    OK, I found out the problem and I was told it is very common. The locking screw I removed is only half the size it should be. The other half is still in the Dif. They have a habit of breaking where the threads end and the non threaded area stars. My friend loaned me the Matco Tool Kit for just...
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    M1009 - Problem removing rear axle.

    Jim, the center pin is what I am trying to remove. The manual calls it the Pinion Shaft. I'm going to try what BiggsChevys said to do in the morning. Sucks because I was suppose to do a big parade Sunday. :-( Oh well.
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    M1009 - Problem removing rear axle.

    Hello all, here is the run down for my M1009. For a while now I felt that my back brakes were not grabbing right. Now that I had some free time I pulled the drums and found the passenger side full of gear oil. So I know the outer seal is bad. Here are my questions. The passenger axle has in...
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    Trail Ride Photos I Took

    These are what our trails look like.:???:
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    Trail Ride Photos I Took

    I finally got the time to upload all the photos I took during a Trail ride my club holds a few times a year. This one was from November '09. We had a great turn out and quite a few big trucks came out this time. This is a real treat for us here on Long Island because we don't have any place to...
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    Rausch Creek 2009

    Hey Dave, you better get your 5 ton out front and clear the trails for me. I don't want to damage all my new bodywork.:razz:
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    Say Hello & Show Off My M1009

    As my truck is in the body shop to have the rocker panels replaced my heart sank as they cut the drivers one off. Alfa Heaven packed so much bondo on my truck that I wasted my time trying to repair the body. Now that me and the body guy went through the truck this morning Tom and his guys even...
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    1009 u-joint problems

    Can you post some pictures of the worn parts?
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    have i got some pic and a story for you

    Good story, Great pic's.
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    M1008 Starter Issue

    Do a search on this site and there is a detailed thread on how to switch over to a HD solenoid instead of that light duty relay. Also you are one of many that have put in a GR starter and now had relays burn out. Since doing the trick I have not had any problems.
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    M1008 Starter Issue

    First off, did you put the smaller gear reduction starter in it or the old type?
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    flasher stays lit with headlights...

    I stang by what I said before. I bet you just have a bad bulb.
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    flasher stays lit with headlights...

    Sounds like you have a turn signal bulb out.
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    Photo's I took last year.

    As I said the other day I am finally getting old photo sets that I shot done and posted. This is the whole set from the NYC Vet's Parade in 2008. I know many SS members trucks are in them and that's why I placed the post in Member's Rides. New York City Veteran's Day Parade
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