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    Ogden, UT- Veterans Parade Nov 9, 2013

    Scott is coming. Haven't heard from Greg but hope he can make it. We're meeting at my truck shop before 9am, and driving over together. Or you can meet us at 9:30 - on Patterson Ave just off Washington- the staging area.
  2. markmontana

    M925 A2 very disappointed in ability

    Where's the picture of the truck stuck in the sand? Did I miss it?
  3. markmontana

    Ogden, UT- Veterans Parade Nov 9, 2013

    Have Truck/Will Travel If you would like to add your truck to our Veterans Parade Convoy on Nov 9th, send me a PM. I have application and details. No cost. Pre Registration required. Downtown Ogden route. It takes up most of the morning. This year we are representing Vietnam Veterans of...
  4. markmontana

    M923 CTIS problem

    I think we need to see more pictures --- then we can give you better help and advice (free however!) Sounds to me like we have some translation problems we need to fix. Welcome to SS, too!
  5. markmontana

    M923 pulling M989 Hemat trailer

    Cross the airlines- oops- already mentioned. Sorry. Moving on- nothing new here...
  6. markmontana

    Exhaust Over Heating

    Exhaust pipes get real hot- all the way to the end. Do they use rubber on the standard configuration? I don't recall ever seeing any- so get rid of the rubber stuff, IMO.
  7. markmontana

    Cargo Covers - how to bend?

    I buy nice wood (like new) bows for $10 and pay $20 for steel bows- max. Have picked up quite a few over the years. I only mention this so you can ask the question- "What is my time worth?"
  8. markmontana

    Height of a M923A1 w/super singles?

    Just unloading these now- no problem with height on a step deck. If shipping on a regular flat bed, they are designed to have the upper items remove easily. The spare davit has 4 bolts, the soft top comes off and the frame is easy to remove, the windshield folds down, and the exhaust stack has...
  9. markmontana

    Special delivery this morning!!!

    Picture of the much brighter LED style. They were $8 pair w/free shipping
  10. markmontana

    Special delivery this morning!!!

    I tried the exact same LEDs in my 915. Same results. Changed to better LEDs that have flat LEDs all over the bulb. Way better and nice and bright. Search ebay for 1157 LED and you'll see the style.
  11. markmontana

    Gun truck m925a1

    Very nice. More pics please.
  12. markmontana

    Do you need a CDL for a 5 ton

    Best to base your liability limits on... How much you have to loose. If you live in a car and own nothing, go with minimums. If you have worked all your life and have some things of value- you need high limits.
  13. markmontana

    M923A2 has arrived!

    Ditto on repairing the top. Most canvas repair shop can make them better than new for low cost. Good luck on bringing the truck back to top condition!
  14. markmontana

    M936A2 Transmission

    I know where a good one is in St George Utah.
  15. markmontana

    Which 1400 tires do you like and why

    Goodyears for me- plentiful, low cost, round and had good luck with them so far (knocking on wood).
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