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    dashpad restoration

    Looks amazing, beats the **** outa paying gm big $$$ and looks just as good.
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    Transmission Question

    The radiator had a oil layer on it when I got the truck, I flushed the coolant and it has not gotten back to how it was but is kinda hard to tell whether the small amounts you see is residual or new. I might try that Marcus if I pull the cooling lines would give me a chance to pressure test that...
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    Transmission Question

    Yes the intake tube was still holding fluid in it when I dropped the pan last.
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    Transmission Question

    The transmission in my M1028 has been acting odd lately when I first got it I dropped the pan and changed the filter, fast forward 4 months and best I can tell the pump starts whining and the shifts get sloppy. After some reading I changed all the rubber vacuum lines and replaced the filter...
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    Fan Clutch Troubleshooting

    For what its worth my M1028 was doing exactly as you describe being just warm to the touch after a long drive and this was cured by a thermostat. If your cross over remains cold I would pull the thermostat and throw it in a pot of water and make sure its working right.
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    CDR bypass.

    Yes read the first few pages of search results and the diesel place postings though the one you posted just now eluded me though it still didn't quite answer the question. I didn't realize that the engines were designed to have a slight vacuum in them and that was my question whether it was a...
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    CDR bypass.

    Is there any particular reason why the hole in the intake cannot be plugged and a standard breather hose attached for the vapors? From what I've read, and please correct if wrong, is that the CDR valve prevents the intake from drawing too high a vacuum on the crankcase so following this is there...
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    NEW CUCV PART. the answer to dead batteries on the CUCV

    Ok I'll bite was this a joke or was it some kind of pony motor/charger?
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    Block Heater Install

    Ok so now that my 1028 is running and moving again I plugged it in last night and this morning the block was nice and warm so the second Kats heater seems to have been a success. Also installed a set of 60G's today which seemed to make the starting much nicer.
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    Replace or Rebuild M1028 axle?

    Possibly? It is from Texas but never asked what location it came from, I'm guessing they drain everything there?
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    Replace or Rebuild M1028 axle?

    Ok so got her put back together today and to my amazement and as testament to how simple/tough these trucks are it seems to drive quite nicely. On a darker side note the rear end being dry prompted a immediate check of all other gear fluids which were found to also be dry contrary to what the...
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    4l80e tranny into a 86 m1008. having a few problems

    Does it sound/feel like it is coming from the transmission or is coming from the front/rear end?
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    CUCV Tran Swap

    There are a few good threads on this just search for them, if memory serves the hardest part was cutting the hole in the floor not a bad job from what I've seen.
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    Block Heater Install

    Only as a joke good sir.
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    Block Heater Install

    Ok so now if we can get a third member to install one and have some type of drivetrain failure I think we can confirm that installing a block heater is one of the worst things you can do on these trucks. Hope the transmission is just the usual vacuum suspects those are not too bad to fix.
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