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    New Exaust For My Deuce :)

    The seats are 2nd row Captains chairs out of a homo toyota previa minivan and they have arm rest on both sides..the drive is spring base the pass. is solid box... The sired in a Federal Model 16 i think..12 volt..really old but it works awesome..i havent hooked it up cuz i was gonan run 12...
  2. rivired

    Bobbed Deuce For Sale Washington State

    Selling my project that ive finished. No complaints about it but i just have no use for it. Everything works and drives down the road nice.(rides excellent) Hardtop is rusty but ok. Heater Air Shift Comes with nice m105 that matches the truck. Great tires all around (trailer too) no dents...
  3. rivired

    Red Dot R-9777 Roof Top A/C

    I work in armored trucks..they all use the R-5045 "backwall" unit.. its the highest capacity vehicle one they make and i can deffinitly attest to that. i think backwall would be way better than ugly rooftop thing anyways. Red Dot's Product Line
  4. rivired

    Pasture Find

    That's quite a project u got there!,Looks doable tho, glad u saved it from who knows what.
  5. rivired

    New Exaust For My Deuce :)

    Though id ADD ON instead of making a new.. SO i just finished my m105 twin to my truck :) Had been sitting for ten years so it was disgusting and infested with wasp.. Done in one and a half days. just need to finishe the insides of both beds with some bed liner
  6. rivired

    I added a Muffler, in Disguise!!

    that looks to me like a paint roller strainer u hang on a 5 gallon paint bucket lol..but very good none the less.. and yes very good disguise.
  7. rivired

    Super Single?

    that looks so good! thanks for correcting for everybody that u can basically put whatever u want on stock wheels!
  8. rivired

    New Exaust For My Deuce :)

    This is the new set up i have.. Got an MBRP straight-through muffler and then i went and added a 5 inch upper for looks since the original wasnt gonna fit back on there anyways.. It sounds amazing..nice and quiet but still has a nice rumble and tone. Much Lower Pitch cuz of the size also. It...
  9. rivired

    Hey half track guys

    That would be a hard find..i never though about a T case with diff ratio outputs!.. Great to see u wanna get it movin tho and not rustin Good Luck!
  10. rivired

    Multifuel motors Got to Go

    why does everything good have to be mid or east! :(
  11. rivired

    It once was tan, now its blue!!!

    hahah thats the deuce is red.... and most people on here talk **** bout anything not OD green....anyways good for u!
  12. rivired

    M109 trailer Conversion thread

    cuz this thread is all about rendering things useless to build a trailer lol.
  13. rivired

    Got my OD Iron wheels and tires on!

    those look so bad ass.. I cant decide if i wanna just get new rubber and use stock rims....OR cave and buy super overpriced custom wheels...
  14. rivired

    M109 trailer Conversion thread

    So your gonna attach tongues to 109 frames.... What are u gonna do for axles?
  15. rivired

    M109 trailer Conversion thread

    So im a little confused. Did this start out as somwhat parted out POS 109 or did u decide to make a operable m109 into a trailer? If the latter thats pretty f'd in my opinion..
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