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    M1008 cracked head gaskets, runs fine, fix? Or engine swap?

    The rear right side of the right head. An issue as old as the engine. Too many of them have the problem. Looks like a systematic assembly problem. Propperly rebuilt engines do not have the problem any more. Wolf
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    Largest military ND tire that I can fit?

    11.00R16 Michelin will fit Wolf
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    My M715

    This is mine since more than 33 years. Mai last year (2015) April 2010. Greetings Wolf
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    Adding oil to fuel of m35a2

    Hey, guys, years ago, when the low sulfor fuel came up, I had some problems with my injection pump on a Military K5 Blazer. So I asked the guyes of Daimler engine works and the Diesel freaks of John Deere in Mannheim as well. Both told me the same: To protect your injection pump add one...
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    Decode these markings M715

    I think, a repro tail gate makes no sense. To my knowledge there are more tail gates / bodys available on the market than chassis of the M715. Wolf
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    Tx 715

    TXFirefighter, your M715 in the pics has all standard rust due to poor rust preventation of the maker. However, to make you happy, I have seen trucks years bevor which are more rotten than yours. The base is not too bad for a 40+ year old M715. My truck is from 68 and I own it 32+ years with 2...
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    715 wheels value

    Here such wheels go for about 50 Euro, depending on the condition of the rims. The rubber is overaged and therefore costs money to get it scraped, even if is is 3 Euro only. With good young rubber the price will be 75 to 100 Euro.
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    715 found, worth it?

    Hey, if the drive train for the winch is complete and the winch works, the winch set useually costs arround 2500$. So without looking too deep into the quality of the truck and if it is as decriped, 5000 $ should be good enough for the truck. Consider the work you will have with the vehicle. The...
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    Dukw progress thread

    DUKW, 11.00-18 tires, new-... A miracle to me. Even the Army in Europe can not order these tires any more since 10 years. Is there an aftermarket maker on the market that supplies these tires in acceptable numbers to accabel prices? The comunity in Europy is interseted to hear from that. Actual...
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    M715 on tour to Pocking Germany

    The bow corners are the original ones of the M101, the set up is just raised by some 20 cm to fit to the M715 tarpoline deck. The M715 bow corners radius is larger. Also my M715 bow corners are the M101 radius. 1981 I had no other choise, no original bow corners in the far reach. The reason was...
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    How many M715's are there?

    There are at least 5 registered M715 in Germany, 1 in Schweden, 1 in Belgium, may be 1 in France . I do not have the complete overview in Germany, however I estimate that there are some 15 at least in Germany. May be 2 more in Portugal, which had once been sold as Farm Trucks to there (30+ years...
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    M715 on tour to Pocking Germany

    In May I was in Berlin at the Berlin patrol. Infos for 2012/2013 you will find under A Vidio about the event you find under Wolf
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    M 109 "Blowing Smoke"

    Black smoke is inpropper burnd diesel fuel and therefore a waste of energie and money. Fuel injector pump instalation and propper timing tune up is described in TM 9-2815-210-34 - 2, chapter 5-32 to 5-36, page 5-169 to 5-193. Wolf
  14. Wolf.Dose

    Suggestions on Large Tire Balancing...???

    Balancing tire is a very good idea. Basicaly here in GER we do it with all tires mounted on a passenerger car, a SUV, a Jeep or on a truck. Wolf
  15. Wolf.Dose

    Michelin 11.00x20 tire pressure

    TP Should be adjusted to your realy needs. For the correct pressure ask the Micheline tire technical manual, which should be some thing between 350 kPa(1500 lbs per tire) and 850 kPa (7000 lbs per tire), depending on the load. In sand and mud depending on speed this may be reduced to some 150 or...
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