MV Addiction filled. Reis the Beast M1078A0 is born

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Sgt Jiggins

Potato Peeler
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Lynchburg, VA
two little spring clips, those were spares--removed all of that for lower power consumption lights
I'm guessing some kinda 12/24vdc bulbs? If you come across good, low wattage (~1w), 110vac, red led bulbs that fit conventional lightbulb sockets, please let me know.


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SW Va, Roanoke County
Remote control LED, 3 light intensity.

A little teaser on the H of HVAC, Diesel Fired Air Heater with Exhaust scavange interheater for water warming (prevent freezing of water system) by circulating water through the intercooler/heater

And for those times, solar is not enough, got a 7000 watt GEN set, but prefer not to use, Coupled with my JHAA/C6V1 6000 BTU VERT AC/HEAT (GEN SET RUN ONLY)

A propane fired hot water heater, for those days you just need a hot shower:)


Hunt camp is going to rock this year, I hope
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