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    M923....Should I do it?

    Hey guys, I've been away for a bit due to an injury. I'm glad to be back! I posted an ad for another M35A2 however, I ran across a very clean M923 for sale and I would like to get some feedback. If you own one, can you give me your impression of the truck. Should I go for it or stick with...
  2. bratpackdad

    M35A3: Driving the Green Wobbly School Bus?

    I have posted the same opinion before about the A3. I like it, but it does remind me of a bus. I would still buy fact I'm looking for one now.
  3. bratpackdad

    Quick Rattle Can Camo Job

    Looks better than alot of paint shops work...BTW Whats on the bumper??
  4. bratpackdad

    Idea for push button air tank drain

    My official response is Hmmmm....... interesting idea.
  5. bratpackdad

    Fresh from Egypt

    He said the funniest thing, "I used to park where the tank in pic #4 is. I haven't got the courage to ask him to move."
  6. bratpackdad

    Fresh from Egypt

    My buddy in Egypt just sent these to me. This is the street he lives on.
  7. bratpackdad

    Mice in my Convoy Lights

    Keep all that up there!!
  8. bratpackdad

    WA State Collector Vehicle license HB 1933

    We all need to rally on this before it spreads...
  9. bratpackdad

    M-35 Air Starter

    It would sound cool....but that's about it.
  10. bratpackdad

    what is this

    Looks like HX/SX series but the pic is too small for my eyes.
  11. bratpackdad

    Strata Blue Paint #'s

    Strata Blue 24045
  12. bratpackdad

    2" removable receivers

    Great fab work...front and could sell a few here.
  13. bratpackdad

    Cheap Electric Wipers

    It's going to rain this week. Are you going to give them a read world test?? Maybe a vid??
  14. bratpackdad

    Au-f1 gct **fail** that's funny...the best thing the UN has ever done.
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