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    Diamond T M20 Prime Mover

    Congrats, that's a nice truck. Been in it myself. Funny, I sold a '70 Challenger to get an Army Cars M1A1 WLF wrecker back in '06. Kevin helped me ship it over from Amsterdam. Those were some really good times at his place. I miss him a lot. Ray is a hoot. Say hi from the Minnesota long-hair.
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    Class A CDL help in MN

    Does your B have an air brake restriction? If not, you can take the A with a dually and a heavy gooseneck trailer as long as both have current DOT inspections.
  3. captain-crank

    US6 found

    Don't bother, you'd prolly only get that half right too.
  4. captain-crank

    US6 found

    Where do you get your facts on this statement? Substitute-Standard does not mean sub-par. Blueduce you have a PM.
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    1941 Autocar modification for towing

    Nice Acar, This might be the ghost truck that you have heard's got a heavy front end, no winch, most likely the same as yours, except an open cab van body tho. The frame is unique to your truck as it's not punched or extended for a winch and there is more overhang behind the...
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    Legendary Halftrack Junkyard

    You have mail.
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    Do you need a CDL for a 5 ton

    That's GCVW and if you are so much as even parked at church on Sunday morning with farm plates they can legally ticket you. Mn statute 168.002 subd (a) and (b)
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    Do you need a CDL for a 5 ton

    We'll see how AARP does against the NTSB. This is the result of a driver who was "legal" but way over his head. Big price was paid. The Associated Press: Loophole in law let teen drive big rig in crash
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    old mv storage lot in mn

    Sidsky, I think I know that place....... it's been quite a few years, but I met the old man. If it's the same guy, he was a bit of a crusty barnacle. Story is he went to Costa Rica a few years ago, got into some bad stuff and no one has heard from him since. His womanizing kid handles...
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    Again--What kind of truck

    Kenworth 552 .... 25 Ton 6x6 ~ 30 Served in Viet Nam 1966-67 Civilian contractor July '68 with the 24th Transportation Company March '70 with the 592nd Transportation Company Edit....sorry for the re-post...I type slow
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    CCKW part sources

    This is a good site for help and parts info....... The GMC CCKW • Index page Frank VonRosenstiel in Canada has parts as do some vendors in Europe. Start clicking, you will find them. Get a TM9-801
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    Post your halftrack pictures

    Some fun...
  13. captain-crank

    HT Dual .50 mount?

    Most M-3's were......:mrgreen: To clarify and be "that guy" no M9's were put into service, all were A1 models. The M5A1 was also produced as an M5, without a pulpit.:beer:
  14. captain-crank

    M747 destroyed by crooks

    Sad. Musta sucked to see that. Post up a Pay-pal link or send me your address. I got 20 bux to help towards getting this fixed or at least buy likker to ease the pain.:beer:
  15. captain-crank

    Halftrack door Armor

    It looks like there is other armor laying there also. Save it.
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