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    My New Project - 1942 Ford GPW

    Well Im late to party as usual. Looks great so far TWM. I too like the cab. I think you should keep it around for those rainy days or those days you just want a little touch of class on that sweet Jeep. Make it match or make it stand out completely. One end of the spectrum or the other.
  2. Danger Ranger

    Deuce Light Rack Build

    Interesting. Yours looks real good Peashooter.
  3. Danger Ranger

    My M109a3 RV conversion

    Yup, Id like to see more as well.
  4. Danger Ranger

    1941 K18-C GMC Recovered today

    Happy birthday Zout!
  5. Danger Ranger


    Well if you can relate it to my major and are willing to pay Might be better for a office-type job majoring student...
  6. Danger Ranger


    Yeah, if Clinto is a Deuce Doctor, then Rusty, you gotta be a Bachelor's or a Masters at least for the 3 year degree. Maybe more than an Associates?
  7. Danger Ranger

    M1028 with M35 bed?

    Looks great, Im actually ok with the bumper, but it needs a headache rack and dropsides....
  8. Danger Ranger

    1941 K18-C GMC Recovered today

    Well, I better follow along on this one as well, been awhile since I been on here watching the Mafia dance around with paintguns.... hahaha
  9. Danger Ranger

    John Deere Armored A1 Tractors

    Yes Deere produced these prototypes in the early 40s in competition with Massy Harris, Farmall, and others. There was never more than a few made of the narrow front model, which is a typical John Deere model A underneath all that heavy armor. The tractor produces roughly 24 HP, and is not all...
  10. Danger Ranger

    M35A2 Front bumper Mods

    Subd. Thats a great idea on the light housings....I thought for sure you would be just putting the lights in behind the factory bumper and not building housing for them though. I think keeping the factory bumper lines would be sweet, and if needed you could put a housing of sorts on the back...
  11. Danger Ranger

    Chevy/Ford Body on deuce frame??

    It belongs to a guy on this site I will have to look around for it here, but Im sure there is a thread on it.
  12. Danger Ranger

    Allison M916 + Mk48 Cab = 6x6 "FEMTT"

    Still don't think we have seen the thread we were promised about that truck.... rofl
  13. Danger Ranger

    Correcting a mistake

    This was looking like an awesome thread, but still haven't seen any pics...soooooo. nopics
  14. Danger Ranger

    new member here in Iowa

    Welcome from Ames! You don't need two trucks? Send one over to me! hahaha. I hope to see you at the Iowa All Breeds Jeep Show in Nevada next September. Its not just for Jeeps!
  15. Danger Ranger

    M4A3 Sherman Restoration

    Whao, just caught that you are in Ashland! My cousins went to school there, and we are from Twinsburg area. Great job on the resto. Keep it up. O-H!
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