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    An XM 816 lives again,,, sorta

    I actually got an XM 816 wrecker running today. Before any says it,Yes pics (video actually) is coming when I get the chance. I started work on her at about 9 AM. Had to fill the engine, transmission, power steering pump, and cooling system before I could even try to fire her. The place the...
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    Auction/eBay/CL Posting Policy-MUST READ

    A suggestion? I had not been active on the site for several months then tried to log on. First thing I ran into was a MUST READ that I HAD to read and I think acnowlege before I could procede. I think it was on political avatars/statements, but it left me with no doubbt that that particular...
  3. Jesse6325

    Check your front wheel studs

    One really does NOT want to find out what kind of damage a tire/wheel can do to whatever gets in it's way after it parts company with the vehicle. Not to mention the fun ride if you have either singles or it's a steer that lets go.
  4. Jesse6325

    m35a3 recovery question

    Might want to read this thread thouroghly befor taking off...!!-Please-use-caution-when-driving-vehicles-home-from-auction!&goto=newpost
  5. Jesse6325

    Deuce Won't Stop

    As m-35 said, Please for saftys sake get it fixed and don't move until it is safe to roll, You do NOT want to find out what it takes to stop 6 tons of rolling iron the hard way.
  6. Jesse6325

    Little head studs came out. What now?

    I've use taps and dies for thread chaser many times, Yest they remove matereal, But only if 1. they are the wrong size, And most good tap and die set come with a thread pitch gauge, and 2. The threads you are cleaning are boogered up in which case you want to take JUST the bad part of the...
  7. Jesse6325

    M 935 no low air buzzer or parking brake light

    Hehe,, Yeah Maccus, People tend to pay attention when things start taking chunks out of ther wallet.
  8. Jesse6325

    M 935 no low air buzzer or parking brake light

    Thank you, I have already stressed the importance of proper shutdown/startup procedures to the guy who actually owns it as well as given him electronic copies of all the TM's ans advised him rather strenuously on the importantance of reading and following them,,,, Thinking I might fib a bit and...
  9. Jesse6325

    M 935 no low air buzzer or parking brake light

    I'n trying to solve an electrical problem on a M935 for somebody. So far I have no parking brake light, switch tests good I think, It shows open whith p brake applied and closed with parking brake released, No power to parking brake switch, No power to either low pressure switch either. Just...
  10. Jesse6325

    Attention!! Please use caution when driving vehicles home from auction!

    Bad thing is that one of the girls parents/stepparents were right behind me in a restored 71 bronco, total of four people in the bronco. If I had somehow avoided getting hit and he had nailed that bronco head on,,,,,
  11. Jesse6325

    Attention!! Please use caution when driving vehicles home from auction!

    Firefighterhill, I have though long and hard about whether I'll ever let passengers ride with me again when I get another FMV,,,, I honestly don't know at this point. If I had though that my truck was in any way unsafe it wouldn't have even been on the road, Much less with passengers, Every time...
  12. Jesse6325

    Attention!! Please use caution when driving vehicles home from auction!

    For those of you who might not think registration or insurance isn't important USAFSS has a post on a deuce wreck with two fatalities in the chaplains corner. that was me, I had had that truck for 9 months and during that time I got to know every inch of her, her sounds and smells and how she...
  13. Jesse6325

    Deuce Stuck and need help!

    A general rule of thumb with heavy equipment(which for all practical purposes these trucks are) is that whatever you get stuck it will take two machines of equal or greater power to pull out.,,,, AND cables or chains make really nasty sounds when they snap.:shock:
  14. Jesse6325

    Check List Before buying M939 variant trucks.

    I just test drove a 5 ton at a local used car dealership here in Tx, The salesman and I had a long talk about it. If I remember correctly you can register it at it's empty weight (22,000 LBS) BUT! you still need the air brake endorsement for any vehicle with air brakes. Fortunatly I still have...
  15. Jesse6325

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    thank you, It's fascinating to see and read how the multi fuel actually evolved and read about the processes actually occurring in the engine that allows it to effectively burn such a wide variety of fuels.
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