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  1. Mitymac

    Extreme Trucking

    Great looking camp... must have been hard to leave.. unless you get to drive a deuce!
  2. Mitymac

    Pics of my Deuce.... and girl

    Coldwarrior, you do not need to aplogize. The persons draped in the FLAG the family the flag need the honor. Not the silly rambleling of the hormones of the postees of this thead. It should have come from the moderators. The post on flag ettiquitte and yours are right on!
  3. Mitymac

    6x6 Willys Jeep

    Jeepman you could call him. Don't remember what he built it from. Tstone I will check the site out. Sounds fun!
  4. Mitymac

    6x6 Willys Jeep

    D8, I listed it in the classifieds for him. I will look for yours also. Mitymac
  5. Mitymac

    6x6 Willys Jeep

    I was at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion last weekend in Rollag, MN, supposedly the nation's largest of steam power demonsrations. I met this fellow with his cool 6x6 Willys Jeep. It is titled as a 47. He built most of it and did a nice job. Thought maybe you guys would like to see...
  6. Mitymac

    6x6 super single I saw at FT Carson GL lot

    There fairly simple if mounted on rims. Remember the A3 has about $3000 + rubber on it with the combat rims. That said my A3 is for sale and am keeping my 5, A2s. I cant get past the hood... nose in the air.
  7. Mitymac

    pics of Vietnam era 4 color camo?

    Midcounty.. Is that the new OD 34086 from Rapco? I just painted same color over the 4 color camo like the other posted pics. I don't like it and will repaint. Interesting to this thead is when I drove it home from GL I was at rest area and A trucker came up and said where did you get that big...
  8. Mitymac

    Can I have a hoist and winch?

    Thanks Clinto I will check into that! Mitymac
  9. Mitymac

    Can I have a hoist and winch?

    I would like to put a grain box on a couple deuce's. Can I splice a hoist pump in the winch drive shaft to run the hoist and winch? Or if I can't where would a person get drive and pump to mount on trans for hoist. Thanks in advance!!
  10. Mitymac

    Project Off-Grid M109A3 w/w log

    Where are going to get heater from as mine is junk? I reread and see your not putting tank inback, sorry!
  11. Mitymac

    Project Off-Grid M109A3 w/w log

    I plan pulling winch off one of mine and adding it to the shop truck. I to want to make shower free type camper bug out rig to mine with gen set etc. Are you sure you want fuel tank in back?? I think I would remount spare tire and use that spot.
  12. Mitymac

    Check your battery cables!!!

    Yes it sits atop starter. Disconnect bats. Remove cover. do not let studs turn when removing nuts from plastic cover. It is behind cap must be fried that why it works after several atemps. File face smooth or flip it. Your lugs might be needing a file also. You will see when inside.
  13. Mitymac

    Check your battery cables!!!

    Perplexed Check each bat for voltage. Clean also ground to frame. If thats good it is likely your selinoid, copper plate inside cap, easy fix, flip it.
  14. Mitymac

    JBLM M109A3 w/w recovery-SUCCESS!

    Great looking truck man! Shop trucks are my favorite!
  15. Mitymac

    Unloading my new M35A3

    Lonegunnman what is Erics phone no. My power steering doesn't seem that great! Thanks
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