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    DUKW Causes Heart Attack!!

    Originally Posted by doghead : Can we float it at the 2013 GA rally? I have a backhoe, if someone can haul it. (vacation booked for GSSR2013)
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    Civil Lawsuit Regarding M109A3

    'Nuff Said. :twisted:
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    "Eagle Diesel", what is it?

    What happens if the little buggers get out?
  4. mckeeranger

    "Eagle Diesel", what is it?

    I thought it was Biodiesel made out of the fat from Eagles. I guess I got it wrong. :whistle:
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    Only in a Huey!

    The last Huey in active Army service in Kentucky was retired late last year. It was used by the safety crew to chase the Blackhawks that are retrofitted and tested near here. I loved to watch them fly over, but of course the kids were more impressed with the 'Hawks and Chinooks.
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    front 4x4 problems

    The front drive shaft is turning, but the wheels are not? does it make any kind of grinding or popping noise? Welcome to Steel soldiers, btw. I'm originally from Berea, not far from you.
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    Tailgate assist

    Well, now that's different. I kinda like it too. Does it need a "latch" between the two halves, or is it strong enough without it? It looks plenty strong without it.
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    Official 2012 SS Ga Rally Info thread

    You can's say that about very many vehicles.
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    Tailgate assist

    This would be much to lightweight for a deuce tailgate. It's for a mid-fifty Ford truck, or the like. The tailgate is around 35 pounds. The winch is actually under the bed, what you see in the picture just covers a pulley and guide. Mid-Fifty truck parts: Mid Fifty F-100 Parts - Tailgate Power...
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    Carc 91 ????

    It's the year the CARC was applied. So yes, it was the year it was repainted.
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    Tailgate assist

    How about a cable driven power tailgate? They make them for smaller trucks, maybe you could build your own.
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    Antifreeze spills out

    Is it the same as a deuce? NAPA #703-1422
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    In need of Pictures of soft top on a1969 5 ton

    If it's an 809 series truck, it's exactly the same as an M35 Deuce. You need to read the TM 9-2320-260-10 In the TM section of Steel Soldiers: Starting on page 2-94. That's "two dash ninety four" not "two through ninety four."
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    If political discussion is not allowed, why are political ads accepted?

    A psychiatrist could make a career out of this website. :cookoo:
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    Railroad Forum

    I want to see pictures of the M818 going around the Christmas tree. :driver:
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