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    M931A2 Eastern Surplus

    I haven't been able to deal with them due to high shipping costs. I wanted a replacement quarter fender for an M915 tractor, the shipping was three times as much as the part. I know I'm a long way from them but I bought one and had it shipped less then 1/3 of their total.
  2. Old Lincoln County Iron

    M129A2 trailer moved off Ft Bliss

    I am having an issue trying to get a permit and registration on my tractor. Does anyone have a truck tractor in the El Paso area that could pick up an M129A2 van semi trailer and pull it to a storage yard off base? Thanks!
  3. Old Lincoln County Iron

    Lexus vs M931 bobtailed, got rear ended

    One of the locals in my town rear ended one of my M931 tractors. I had just drove it in from Ft. Bliss and was parked in front of my parents home. It was dark and I had my flashers on. I was under the front right fender looking for any leaks etc, when boom. I jerked out from under the fender...
  4. Old Lincoln County Iron

    1992 m915a2

    I want one!
  5. Old Lincoln County Iron

    Lowboy/stepdeck ID??

    Looks like a nice trailer! Here in New Mexico, it's nearly impossible to license a trailer without a title. Have 2 I've been trying to get licensed With no luck so far! I may have to do the state of Maine license through the internet.
  6. Old Lincoln County Iron

    New Member Question: Red and yellow rear placards

    My M871 trailer has a pair on it. It was reconditioned in Germany . I would like to put a set on all my trucks and trailers for safety. I think they look cool too!
  7. Old Lincoln County Iron

    220 TC 915 tractor 7500 tanker

    That's a nice looking M915!
  8. Old Lincoln County Iron

    M349 Military Refrigerator Trailer

    I believe it was all aluminum like NDT said. It was neat but I didn't have much use for it.
  9. Old Lincoln County Iron

    M349 Military Refrigerator Trailer

    I looked at a 1972 Kentucky M349A4 referiderated semi trailer that sold on govplanet last year out of Holoman AFB here in New Mexico. It ended up selling for $800 plus the fees. It looked complete and would possibly run but of course GP didn't say if it did or not. You can go to there website...
  10. Old Lincoln County Iron

    M129A2C Camper Conversion

    Did you leave the G177's on 5 ton wheels or did you change them?
  11. Old Lincoln County Iron

    LED Headlights for M923A2

    Has anyone tried the Maxxima LED headlights? I had seen some at west fleet, they said they work in 12 and 24 volt systems. They looked nice, but still were over 200 ea through them. Also a 5 year warranty was mentioned.
  12. Old Lincoln County Iron


    The M275A2 does not have power steering, and are a little under powered to pull semi trailers. I always wanted an M275A2, but found the M931 5 ton tractor better suited for my needs. Just something to consider.
  13. Old Lincoln County Iron

    New M275 in Arizona

    As hard as these trucks are to come by. It would be nice if you were to leave this one as the tractor, and maybe find an M35A2 to modify to your needs. The M275's are a neat truck!
  14. Old Lincoln County Iron

    Photos of My M916

    Love that truck! We're you able to get the winch operational?
  15. Old Lincoln County Iron

    Mack RD822sx

    Nice! That's a tough looking bulldog! Seen one or two like that on GL out in California.
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