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    2 fmtv's - Fort Bragg NC to MD

    Both listed as not running, im due to go look Tuesday the 12th of july. Both trucks paid for. Any questions call 301 399 3414. Thanks
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    Maryland MV owners are in trouble

    Actually , ive broken no law, I have 4.5 acres and claim farm status, I was merely illustrating that a friend has these plates with less acreage. If you read carefully you would have gotten it right the first time. Look before you leap sir.
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    Anyone seen a larc v for parts?

    anyone seen a larc v for parts, looking for a hull, in almost any condition can repair holes cracks etc........if so pm me
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    Maryland MV owners are in trouble

    well , you can always farm area tag them. with farm tags you can register it up to 80k with no state inspection. You are supposed to have 3.5 acres for farm status, but this is never checked. A buddy of mine has one acre waterview property and claimed farm status. farm tag means no cdl,dot, or...
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    What have you done with your 5 Ton

    used my 923 to pull a scrap car into scrap dumpster, chained up , pulled end over end into 30yd container. car was 84 delta 88:o
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    M1007 Suburban CUCV Conversion

    You guys with your old school burbs are making me jealous.
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    ODDBALLs M109 w trailer

    I like where this thread is going...
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    Hardcore Pawn bobbed 5 ton

    not worth even close to 19k, I thought les was a sharp buisness man untill he offered 10k for it. If that guy has even close to that amount in that truck I feel sorry for him. If im dropping that kind of coin it better be somthing special.
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    m818or m923a1 what would you buy ?

    go with a 923, the a2 is the most expensive type followed by the a1, then the std m923. all are worlds better than the older 5 tons, like 2 totally different trucks. they ride better, easier to drive, much better brakes, etc.
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    Straight Piped A3 Today!

    I actually like how quiet my buddies a3 is, you can actually hold a conversation without sreaming, and it is convenient not to have to wear my shooters earmuffs everytime i go for a ride, but to each his own.
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    going to bob my deuce

    get the recentered 5 ton wheels , safer and look waaaay better.
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    Saw hmmwv's at NAS Jax DRMO

    I saw several in portsmouth virginia, almost made me drool, but they were all in various states of demil, some looked too nice to cut up, such a terrible waste.
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    vin on sf97 for five ton truck

    thanks fellas, hopefully va dmv doesent give me a hard time over it.
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    Why not detroit 50 series in deuce?

    Dont worry the deuce front axle can take the extra weight :D The torque increase will take care of the extra weight, might wanna go full hudro steering to make it more streetable. what does the multifuel weigh ? Id bet it is over 1500.
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