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    Fixed! Carnac is broke down!! Needs help!!!

    Hey Carnac, glad I could help! I was wondering if you made it the rest of the way to MD....I figured no news was good news ;)
  2. dm22630

    My Bobbed Deuce is almost done

    Sounds good! Also.....can you post more pics & a step-by-step w/parts #s for the remote master cylinder reserve? That is definitely one of the safest upgrades anyone can do one these trucks!
  3. dm22630

    How much is a complete 12k service worth?

    Me too! I would say a LOT of sellers call their trucks "fully serviced" since they aired up the tires & topped off the oil. 2cents
  4. dm22630

    NC to VA - M818

    Is anyone able to move a M818 (running) from Black Creek, NC to Front Royal, VA. It is approx 283 miles. Black Creek, NC to 322 Morgan Ford Rd, Front Royal, VA 22630 - Google Maps CASH ON DELIVERY!! PM me w/a price please!
  5. dm22630

    My Bobbed Deuce is almost done

    You could always buy one of my 24volt Red Dot A/C units...... PM ME......
  6. dm22630

    How much is a complete 12k service worth?

    Here is what Eastern Surplus charges & I think it is WELL worth $700.... PM service on M35A2 Deuce & a Half- Change antifreeze, lower and upper radiator hoses, change engine oil and filters, change fuel filters and wash out primary filter, change air filter, check and top all gear cases...
  7. dm22630

    M35a2 block heater

    This is the frost plug type. The threaded bolt in type that Westfolk sells in the classifieds looks like it would be much safer/less room for error. I bought one of those. Thanks though!
  8. dm22630

    Steel Soldier Recovery, Me!!!

    Glad I could help Dudley! :)
  9. dm22630

    M818....I'm trying a new way to put a bed on it...

    Are you going to run into an issue with the front corner of the semi trailer hitting/rubbing the 16.00-20 spare tire when you make hard right turns??
  10. dm22630

    Winch Install

    Nice digital camo!!!
  11. dm22630

    My Bobbed Deuce is almost done

    So 2 sets of these LED bulbs will convert both turn signals & both tail lights? Where did you get the headlights? Also....any LED upgrade for the dash lights? Looking great! Thanks!
  12. dm22630

    M35a2 V.S. my house

    Call your insurance. Homeowners MAY cover it.....if not, you are looking at a MINIMUM $3,000-$4,000 repair. Also....hire a brick mason to repair it!!!! You will need to use the same bricks, and even then, the mortar most likely will not match. 2cents
  13. dm22630

    Now lets see your truck in the snow

    This is what I did in the parking lot behind Red Lobster earlier this year.... ;)
  14. dm22630

    sombody HELP me

    Well I only have a cell phone & have bought 25+ trucks & 7 trailers through GL.....every one has had an EUC. I have never gotten rejected due to a cell #. 2cents
  15. dm22630

    MRAP seats in a deuce

    You got it Dudley! That makes 9 sold today. I only have 2 left!!! Email me for has a rip/broken knob & the other is pretty dirty & needs some cleaning. Daniel
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