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    Air O Matic steering

    Hey guys, I just ran across this thread...I have an old pull-off Air-O-Matic I was gonna put on my deuce; however, I sold the truck prior to adding it on. If anyone is interested in it PM me. I'll snap some pics for those interested.
  2. Odyssey M

    Oil pressure regulator

    I second that! Forum inputs sure do help from time to time...
  3. Odyssey M

    PCSing from PCB, Fl. to Colorad Springs (May 2013)

    Warthog, Thanks. I'll be sure to keep that in mind. OKC is one of my Ops-stops. I plan on meeting up with some friends from my Tinker days.
  4. Odyssey M

    PCSing from PCB, Fl. to Colorad Springs (May 2013)

    Thanks marsman. And good luck to you w/ "Sandy". I am all hunkered down here in the D.C. area (TDY). Hoorah HURICON Ops!!! Something else I will not miss from coastal life--hurricanes.
  5. Odyssey M

    PCSing from PCB, Fl. to Colorad Springs (May 2013)

    Good idea. I was also thinking the 5 minute drive to the Naval station would entice some long-term renters. The lynchpin to renting around here is finding a property manager that is worth their salt.
  6. Odyssey M

    PCSing from PCB, Fl. to Colorad Springs (May 2013)

    It looks like the family and I will be heading out to Colorado for the next duty station. I plan on setting up a two vehicle convoy with the wife packing the dogs and kids. I will cover her six with the mighty M35A2. I'll be going over the Deuce with a fine-toothed comb during the next several...
  7. Odyssey M

    A nubbie needs help

    Funny..I am in charge of a similar foundation. We don't accept hoods--but the rest of the truck would be fine. Sounds like a plan eh?
  8. Odyssey M

    Bobbing my M35A3

    :beer: Actually drink'n....sweet set-up!!! Props![thumbzup]
  9. Odyssey M

    Have you been tested?

    Burning non-DOT approved/taxed fuel. Back in the day many folks would burn house heating oil because it was cheaper. Thus come the dye agents in diesel products.
  10. Odyssey M

    Have you been tested?

    I think all the doctor, butt, and pee jokes have been taken. I'll have to be quicker next time...;-)
  11. Odyssey M

    Overdrive for a Deuce???

    Hooray for tailwinds!
  12. Odyssey M

    Bumper mounted tire

  13. Odyssey M

    Mansfield Bars

    Miatas make for nice bumper flair. Remember, your deuce should have at least 15 pieces of flair....
  14. Odyssey M

    Tan or Green Or CAMO

    Looks nice. What kind of gun did you use to spray?
  15. Odyssey M

    Mean Green

    So, what you are saying that this thread is playing with your emotions?:rolleyes:
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