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    Govplanet HMMWV initial bid set to 5000

    Plenty of complete trucks for $5-6 k.
  2. olewhiskey

    Official 2016 Ga. Military Vehicle Rally info thread. Oct. 19-23, 2016

    I'm working on getting you some volunteers for the gate
  3. olewhiskey

    First Delivery HMMWVs Paint color?

    With a very early production HMMWV, I think the original might be Woodland in service but I have seen some MERDC camo HMMWVS(granted rare). What would be the correct color in service for a HMMWV as delivered? Did AM General deliver these in solid Green or Woodland?
  4. olewhiskey

    Anyone Recovered form Albany GA Marine Logistics Base?

    Plan on picking up a vehicle there. Have not recovered a vehicle from that facility before, interested if any unique or curious protocol there?
  5. olewhiskey

    Towing Humvee via tow bar

    Towed 6 no hassle, there was one M1097 that that turned out to be the "evil"tow and performed exactly as patracy describes. . I had one recovery driver take his F250 and flat towed M998 through some very narrow turns with curbs upon entering a gas station and didn't scrub a tire on any...
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    hmmwv heater core

    Brilliant ! Thank you, it always amazing me how ingenious members can be on this board. I have to put in soon and this solves my dilemma. Regards
  7. olewhiskey

    HMMWV shakes bad

    A lot of times the bias plys will get smoother the more you drive them and especially after warming up. That being said I agree the radials, balanced are like night and day.
  8. olewhiskey

    Replacing the HMMWV Windshield

    I have one coming up soon, good pointers Thanks
  9. olewhiskey

    HMMWV retrieval suggestions

    Sorry you can't do better. I bet I've had more on them than you or assisted in recoveries but keep practicing you'll get it right sooner or later.:goodjob:
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    HMMWV retrieval suggestions

    Have flat towed four. Twice with f250 4x4 , once F150 4x4 once with Suburban. Checked all diff fluids before towing away. Drop driveshafts front and rear. Used magnetic tow lights with battery.Used a tow bar. Three were fine , one tracked horribly.They will ALWAYS fit on the 7.5 UHUAL...
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    Motorhome and M998 Flat Tow

    Disconnect front and rear diffs and tow away.
  12. olewhiskey

    Plywood in the M998

    Mostly gear mounting points and such.
  13. olewhiskey

    flat tow HMMWV

    From friends experience-All Flat Tows M998 F150 4 x4 5.4 towed with OD off. Tracked excellent , 128 miles , all highway 60-65mph, got on road from rest stop forgot to put in D, left in OD. Truck never knew it ran 65mph before noticed. Temps all good. F250 4x 4 7.3 Auto- 344 miles two trips...
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    Cheap HMMWV seat frames
  15. olewhiskey

    55,250 dollar lol

    Cute but not that cute.
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